Pormoll Editorial – Sep 2017

Blame Game

 Science teaches us that every action has an opposite reaction. In our day to day lives, we continue doing the deeds expected of us. Sometimes, with an open mind, we tend to reach out to others and be a helping hand to get a job done.

As is expected, at times we succeed but on a few occasions, we may not be successful. Many a times, you are glorified, only if things work out right, but a failure attracts condemnation, for no fault of yours. This attitude deters people to come forward with a helping hand.

But there are instances also, where the system failures are deliberate and man-made. Take for example the recent deaths of over 70 innocent children in Gorakhpur, U.P. It is reported that the horrific incident took place due to shortage of oxygen cylinders at the hospital. What a sickening and heinous crime on the poor souls. Who is responsible for this tragedy? Amid wild allegations against individuals and of system failures, the blame game, continues at a furious pace. The suppliers of oxygen cylinders, doctors, hospital management, government ministers and officials, all blaming one another for this sordid fiasco.

In our own State of Goa, the recent deaths of two youngsters allegedly due to overdose of drugs, should make us hang our heads in shame. Here again, the blame game is on Official version and eye-witness accounts of this incident are totally different.

Let us hope and pray that the culprits responsible for all this are made to pay for their misdeeds and may the souls of the unfortunate victims rest in peace.

We, at Pormoll Editorial Board, would like to thank God, for blessing our Editor, Dr. Alfredo Antao, who is now back in Aquem, after undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. His will power and full faith in our Lord, is an inspiration to all of us. We wish him well.

I take this opportunity in wishing all our teachers a ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ on 5th Sept, and a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on 8th Sept. May the 8th of Sept, the birthday of our heavenly Mother, be an occasion for us to rejoice and celebrate the joyous event. Happy Feast to one and all.

Until we meet again.

Felix Dias



Amchea Calendar-a porponnem Novem voros Janerache Ek tarker suru zata zalear Financial voros Aprilache Ek tarker suru zata. Toxench amche Povitr Sobhechem Gonvllik novem voros Junache Ek tarker suru zata ani soglea Gonvllik vaurak survat ditat. Ho gonvllik vaur fuddem vorunk zaiteo sonvstha khand martat ani tantuntli ek sonvstha mhonnlear Dotonichi sonvstha. Read more

St. Sebastian Youth Association ‘Inaugural Mass’

St. Sebastian Youth Association ‘Inaugural Mass’

The St. Sebastian Youth Association’s Inaugural Mass was held on the 1st Sunday of July, i.e. 2nd July 2017. The 8:45am mass was celebrated as the Youth Associations Inaugural Mass. It marked the beginning of youth association’s annual activities for the year 2017-2018. It was pleasing to see lot of youth present for the Eucharistic celebration. There was a perfect blend of new, young and existing youth members. We were delighted to welcome the junior youth members into our association. Mr. Fenzier Gomes, the president of the St. Sebastian Youth Association was incharge of organizing the liturgy and other arrangements for the inaugural mass. Fr. Gregory Cruz was the main celebrant. Read more

St. Sebastian Sports Club

St. Sebastian Sports Club

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a proverb. It implies that without time off from daily routine, a person becomes both bored and boring. St Sebastian Sports Club aims at inculcating the importance of outdoor sports in this fast paced life of ours and making our life more interesting.

After a successful tenure of three years, a new committee was elected. A smooth transitional hand over was carried out between the old and new committees. It was also an honour to the new committee in welcoming the new parish priest as the chairperson of the club. Read more

Report on “Evening with Jesus”

When two or three are gathered in my name there am I in their midst. MT 18:20.

On 6th July 2017, the Catechists with Fr. Gregory Cruz our Assistant Parish Priest, gathered in the Church at 6:30pm to spend the evening with Jesus.

The theme of the Holy Hour was “Aminch Bhavartache Nomunne Zaum-ia”. It focused on the new catechetical year 2017 – 2018.

The evening started with a brief introduction followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, acknowledging the presence of Our Lord Jesus amongst us. We read and reflected on the word of God and implored God’s blessings on us and the catechism children and their families. We concluded with the final blessing by Fr. Gregory.

Fatima Fernandes