Pormoll Editorial – Oct 2017


Any Prayer, whether personal or community prayer has its own manifold positives. Although generally the elderly people follow the holy tradition piously, the present day generation, at times, more often than not, feel it is a waste of time, In our everyday life, a student understands the importance of homework and regular studies. So also, a sportsperson knows the worth of a daily dose of practice, without which, setbacks are bound to surface. In contrast, in our spiritual life, we tend to forget so easily.

Our Lord invites each one of us to lead a life of prayer so as to inculcate the values of discipline and perseverance in our day to day life. If we wish to grow in faith, we must, at all times, believe in the word of God and trust the Lord at all times. Saying our prayers and participating in the Eucharist, is learning about our religion, while living our life, by the teachings of the Lord, is practicing it. It is very important to develop an attitude of Christian values. Gandhiji, whose Jayanti, is celebrated on 2nd October, often attributed character to something as simple as a thought or a word, which developed into a deed or habit, ultimately turning to character. He often advised people that their every thought and work must spring from love and concern for all. As Catholics, we need to develop our character, attitude and faith. Once such an attitude is developed, it will last, irrespective of the events or circumstances in our life. Let us ask our Lord, to teach us to pray.

Many of our priests and nuns do a lot of Missionary work, working in remote, undeveloped villages, all over India and overseas as well. It’s a lot of dedicated work, done for love of God and part in this challenging life, full of sacrifices. Shortly, we will observe a Mission Sunday and the collections made that day, will be sent to the Missions.

Let’s be generous and contribute with open arms. Remember, it is in giving that we receive. Let us do our bit to reach out to those in need. In return, God will bles us abundantly.

Until we meet again.

Felix Dias
Acting Editor

“Ak’khea Sounsarak Vochat ani Sogle Rochnnek Porgott Korat”

Otumbr-ache 22ver ami Dhormporgottnecho aitar somorombhtanv. Dhormporgottnecho aitar mhollear amchea dolleam mukhar fokot calendar, envelopes ani toxench aitarachea dhormdanamcho ugdass ieta. Punn khoro dhorm porgottop mhollear kitem, tem ami visortanv. Dhorm porgottop mhollear, ‘Ak’khea sounsarak vochun Devachem xubhvortoman amchea bhavam bhoinnank porgottop’. Bhagevont Paulu mhonnta “Xubhvortoman porgottop mhollear mhaka vhoddvik nhoi punn to mhaka ek kaido, tem hanv korinam zalear mhojem kotta” – 9 kor, 16;
Amerike-chea desant ‘Morgan’ Nanvacho ek Anglican Pastor ani famad ‘Preacher’ asa. Sadhea utranim, lokachea kallzak lagta te bhaxen Devachem utor porgot’ta. Taka chear put asat, ani he tache put aplea Bapai bhaxen bore ‘Preacher’ vortovtat.
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Saint LUKE – 18th Oct

Saint Luke whose feast day we celebrate on 18th October, was one more Gospel Writer (or Evangelist), besides Mathew, Mark and John.

St. Luke was also called LUCANOS or dear and Glorious. Physician was the son of AENEAS and IRIS who were slaves of PRISCUS and ANTONIA, who were Roman aristocrats. AENEAS and IRIS were Greeks. AENEAS was managing the states of his master. Whereas as IRIS was a beautiful Greek slave girl.

PRISCUS and ANTONIA presided over the wedding of the young couple and had given them many gifts. Including the priceless gift of their freedom. So Luke was not a slave when he was born. He Studied at Alexandria which was the ultimate seat of Education at that time. He was a bright student and was well appreciated by his teachers. The teachers wanted him to study the matter of their choice. But he decided to be a doctor (Physician) mainly because he thought that GOD was a tormentor, who punished his creation without a traitor a good reason.

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The onset of the monsoons in India brings both good and bad tidings. Good tidings include welcome relief from the scorching summer heat, bonus to farmers, gardeners etc.  The monsoons bring life but just as easily bring death in the form of the innocuous winged killer, the mosquito. As angry thunderheads break out, hordes of mosquitoes threaten India with sometimes fatal malaria, dengue, filariasis or elephantiasis and other diseases.

Today the mosquito can breed anywhere from a rice field to a cupful of water i.e. basically anywhere where there is dirty or even clean but stagnant water accumulation.

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Colours, Pictures, Sparkles and so much more ….. truly a day well spent. The morning of August had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the children drawing, painting to their heart’s glory. The Poster Presentation, that was organized by the Catechetical Association laid emphasis over the following topics:

  • Nature, God’s creation, let us protect it.
  • Inter-religious Peace & Harmony.
  • Catechism helps us grow in God’s love.

Dot at 10:00 am, like the bees ever engrossed in making honey into the beehive, our children left not a single stone unturned doing their best for the Poster Presentation. Upon completing their posters at 10:45 am, we had a short session, to speak up on the topics chosen by the children. Finally the posters were exhibited on 8th September on the occasion of the Feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Mother’s Day Report

The day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mother’s Day and is one of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss to show our love for our mothers. So in order to honor the mothers, we, the Catechetical Association had a small celebration on 10th September, wherein we had mass for all the mothers and special blessings were showered upon them. After the mass there was a short programme. Every year we used to select one mother as a representative for all mothers. But this year we didn’t select any representative, instead we made Mother Mary as our Chief Guest, the role model for every mother.

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  •  Teachers Programme: It was conducted for the teachers of St. Sebastian School from 18th to 23rd During this programme – Science, Maths, History and English demo lessons were given by the teachers. The Administrator also highlighted the important points about framing the questions and about preparing a lesson plan. This programme was conducted to improve the teaching skills of the teachers.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration: It was celebrated on 23rd August 2017. A small statue of Lord Ganesh along with fruits, sweets and the aarthi thali was placed on a table which was beautifully decorated. Tr. Reema explained the importance of all the items, which are offered to Lord Ganesh. The Administrator advised the students to be cautious while burning fireworks. She also told them to be more environment friendly and use Ganesh idols made of clay. Sweets were given to all the students on this occasion sponsored by the parents.

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