Editorial – May 2018

The ending Easter period has given us Catholics an opportunity to grow in Jesus and put His command of love in action as Easter people.The ending Easter period has given us Catholics an opportunity to grow in Jesus and put His command of love in action as Easter people. In the meanwhile, the summer season has set in quite strongly. Each season has its own beauty and advantage in its own way. Summer holidays are to be enjoyed by the old as well as young specially those who have been stressed out by the examinations. Relaxation of body and mind is found in visiting the beaches and bathing in water springs. It is the best time of the year to visit one’s relatives. Mangoes of different varieties and jackfruit are the tempting fruits of the season.  Summer Camps are also organized for various age groups by different organizations. At these camps, besides games, they are also taught various art and craft works and dancing such as the vibrant Zumba dance. We are having a similar camp in our parish which is organized by St. Sebastian Sports Club. The youngsters are participating in the same with lot of enthusiasm and interest. Wish all the parishioners, happy and joyful holidays.


Dignity of Labour

Human kind, right from its birth, always tries hard to survive doing all sorts of work. Essentially, there is no divide between the poor and the rich in doing hard work. The rich works hard to become richer whereas the poor works hard to earn his day’s bread. Every individual has to work, to feed himself / herself. ‘No work, no pay’ signifies the fact that work has no alternative. St. Paul warns us, “He who does no work, has no right to eat”. This teaching beautifully highlights the dignity and importance of labour.
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Testimony of a Catechist

I quote “Give Jesus to the world. I have chosen you and you are mine” unquote.
Truly this quote changed my life. The quoted mandate has always been in my sight since 2013, the year I first stepped into this catechetical family under the guidance and footsteps of our beloved ex-parish priest Fr. Ligorinho. Joining this family has been my best decision and I don’t regret this till date. This association is not just a group of people functioning to spread the word of God and catechists but an association blessed with the noblest profession that not only moulds and shapes young hearts but as a person in totality.


Having been a part of this noble profession, I am blessed in many ways. First of all, this helped me to be closer to the Almighty. Secondly, to grow deeper in faith as my days go by. Third, to know the importance of every person’s perspective about life and God and the list goes on. Not forgetting Fr. Ligorinho’s words and I quote “Trust in God. All this will be done” unquote. Truly these Father’s words kept us going.

Being with children is one thing I always loved and joining this association has made me live up my liking. The smile on their faces does lighten everyone’s day. The innocence in them makes us want to teach them more. Their inquisitive minds asking those questions make not just them to think but makes me learn and inquire more about a given topic. Importantly this association made me read the Word of God more to know more.

This is not all, being a Catechist, taught me team work and to trust God in every part and parcel of my life. Lastly, it has been a boon to my faith in every day’s task. Not forgetting my co-catechists, who have been my guides and supporters right from day one. Lastly, I thank my parents for always being by my side and supporting me in every decision I take. This decision of joining the association has made a big difference in my life.

As I end my testimony, I quote the words of Pope Francis
“Being a catechist is not a title, it is an attitude of abiding with Him, and it lasts a lifetime! It means abiding in the Lord’s presence and letting ourselves be led by him”.

Rhea Bangalorkar


As our summers are becoming increasingly hotter due to loss of forest cover, increased de-vegetation etc we find more and more people in Goa falling prey to dehydration. Coupled with this, our inability to drink sufficient water to maintain sufficient health of our body. We only drink when we are thirsty and not a minimum fixed quota for good health. Normally 10 -12 glasses of water per day are minimum to maintain good health. This can be divided as 3-4 glasses an hour before breakfast or as soon as you get up in the morning, 3-4 glasses an hour before lunch and 3-4 glasses an hour before dinner. In the summers this requirement increases drastically. Our human body is roughly 75% water and this is found within cells, in between cells and within blood vessels. Although water is constantly lost throughout the day as we breathe, sweat, urinate and defecate we can replenish the water by drinking sufficient fluids. Also the water can move around to those areas of the body where it is needed most. People at risk of dehydration include athletes, those living at high altitude and older people.
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Career Guidance

“Career Guidance is a facilitative process, a service rendered to the individual to aid him in choosing and adjusting to an occupation”. An example of career guidance is a meeting with a consultant who helps people figure out what a good job would be for them based on their skills and qualifications.

Most of the students after S.S.C.E are in a quandary or uncertainty over what to do. Some students may be brilliant in Maths and Science will not take the streams which will get them jobs in the medical and engineering aspects. There are vocational streams in every field and they do not want to task themselves of studying, remembering and even practicing experiments where they can achieve a degree in science, commerce, Engineering or Arts.
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Old Memories of My Summer Holidays

It just had to be the last day of the academic year and the words which echoed in the hearts of every student were just …. Summer holidays.

It was just fun and laughter during our summer holidays. We would be playing merrily while the sun shone brightly. The neighbourhood children of different age groups, caste and creed would get together from 4 – 7pm. Games u can hardly hear, in present days – “Seven tiles” “Hop scotch” were our favourites. Boys would play “gillie danda, flying kites, robbers and thieves etc. etc. All these games brought in so much of connectivity with each other. Well, it was just fun, to yell, shout and scream in the open ground.

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Term Insurance and Home Loans – What’s the Connection?

Planning to buy a house or have already bought one? Did you buy a term plan? Well buying a house is not at all easy and we buy a house so that we live as a family. Its dream come true for anyone to settle in a house of theirs with the family and at no cost would want the family to be out of the house. When you buy a house it’s always through a loan. Have you ever considered what happens in case of an eventuality? Are your family members capable of paying the premiums by themselves or its ok with you that the loan lending financial institution takes control of your house and drives your family out of it? I guess no one would want to see such a day. This is exactly where term insurance comes handy when you have a house loan. This is because the Sum assured is used to settle the home loan after your death so that your family lives in the same dream house without any financial burden.

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