Editorial – June 2018

With the summer season winding up, the rainy season is anxiously awaited. The relaxing holidays are over and the students as well as their parents are confronted with the problems associated with the beginning of the academic year specially those who have to get admissions in new schools and other institutions.

The month of June is synonymous with the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This important feast is celebrated on 8th June.

Similarly the feast of Corpus Christi – The Body and Blood of Christ is celebrated on 3rd June. The feast of the Immaculate Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on 9th June. The other feasts which are celebrated are Nativity of John the Baptist on 24th June, St. Peter and Paul on 29th June. The most popular feast celebrated in our parish is that of St. Anthony of Padua on 13th June at Toleband, Aquem Chapel, which is superbly decorated for the purpose. Let us all take an active part in celebrating the novenas and the feast of this miraculous saint.

Dr. Alfred Antao



The Main Election Team (MET henceforth) is Responsible for the entire process of Reconstitution of the Parish Pastoral Council — Planning, Organization and Implementation.


PPC Executive committee + Others, if needed (From PPC or outside PPC)
Parish Priest is the Convenor
Secretary of Parish Pastoral Council is the Secretary of MET

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Bhagevont ANTON – ichem TREZEN ani Porob 2018

Bhagevont Anton-ichem Trezen suru zata, Sukraradis, Poiler Jun-ache, Aquem Tolebando Kopelant. Sanjechea 5:30 voramcher Ters ani Ladainh ani uprant 6:00 voramcher Mis. Ektis-ver Maiache, Brestaradis donparchea bara voramcher Maddiecher axirvad astolo.

Dor disache Vixoi ani Misachi Bhett bhettounk ieunche asat te Iadnik he porim asat.

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St. Anthony

As the month of May comes to a close, we are all excited as on the very 1st day of June, begins the 13 days’ Trezen of St. Anthony culminating with the feast on the 13th of June. This is one of the most anticipated events celebrated all over the world. In our Parish too, all the necessary arrangements are underway, at the Tolebando Chapel, to make this Trezen a grand success.

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St. Peter and St. Paul

St. Peter and St. Paul St. Peter and St. Paul St. Peter (Formerly called Simon) was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus for His first disciples. Originally a fisherman, he was the son of Jonah and brother of St. Andrew, who was also an apostle.
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Saint John the Baptist

Christians have long interpreted the life of John the Baptist as a preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, and the circumstances of his birth, as recorded in the New Testament, are miraculous. John’s pivotal place in the gospel is seen in the emphasis Luke gives to the announcement of his birth and the event itself, both set in prominent parallel to the same occurrences in the life of Jesus.
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My prayer not answered

A Person Complained:
“I came to Jesus and prayed. I did not receive what I requested”.
What this person requested and did not receive belongs to a physical material need. There could be 3 reasons for not receiving. Many of us are aware of two reasons.
They are:
1) What this person requested is harmful in God’s wisdom.
2) The time has not yet come to receive it.

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