EDITORIAL – March 2019

The morning of 3rd March, is different for the parishioners of Aquem-Alto, Margao. It’s time to celebrate as all roads lead to St. Sebastian Church, Aquem, to witness the feast of its Patron Saint, St. Sebastian. The preparatory nine days’ Fama & Novena has finally culminated in the grand feast in honour of a saint who is looked upon as a healer of major sicknesses. Many of the Churches and Chapels in Goa, especially in South Goa, are dedicated to St. Sebastian as many years back, people who were infected with a plague were saved due to the intercession of St. Sebastian. Even the hymn of St. Sebastian mentions the deadly disease of small pox to be cured through his intercession. This only proves how powerful St. Sebastian was and continues to be. Read more

Sant Sebastiao

Bhagevont Sebastiao-achi porob sevadhormik vorsant Janerache 20ver somorombhtat. Amche Aquem-che Firgojent amchea Patron Sant Sebastiao-ache porob Carnival-achea poilea aitarak monoitat, hea vorsa Marsache 3rer somorombhtanv.

St. Sebastiao Narbonne – France, hea desant zolmolo. Torn’ne pirayecho astanam tannem Romache foujent bhorti ghetli. Sebastianv ek kholl bhavarti ani kalljivont Kristanv aslo. Ogeponnan tannem zaitea sainnik’kank Jezuchi ollokh diun tankam Kristanv kele. Tea kallar, Dicletian – hea nanvacho ek Romacho Patxai aslo. To Kristanvank Read more


Three months ago I wrote about the great Feast of Christmas and the preparations that were made prior to this day, and it was “Advent Season”. Again I write about another great day in the Catholic calendar. Its EASTER or RESURRECTION of CHRIST or Risen Lord, where we proclaim that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. The time allotted to us is forty days, and these forty days are called Lenten Period or season of Lent. A time to reconcile and return to the Lord. The Lent begins on a day called ASH WEDNESDAY. On this day the priest makes a sign of Cross on our foreheads with Ash and pronounces these words ‘From dust you come and you shall be dust’. Frightening? No it’s a reminder and also to analyse our lives and be prepared for the day when we will leave the earth. Read more

Hymn to St. Joseph

Joseph wise ruler of God’s earthly household,
Nearest of all men to the heart of Jesus,
Be still a father, lovingly providing for us his brethren.
Saint strong and manly, chosen by the Father,
As trusted guardian of the Son eternal, Read more


The summer holidays are just round the corner, but before you can relax, you’re going to need to get through the dreaded exam season.

Favor short, intensive periods of revision, rather than spending all day at the library. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but keeping organized and starting your exam preparations early can really help to keep your nerves under control. Procrastination is many people’s favorite pastime, now is the time to force yourself into a routine, even if means watching less TV shows or movies or instagram. Read more

Communication Gap or Bond

I am a product of the mid-20th century, entering the world right in the middle of the 1900 hundreds. My views here can be termed as “old –fashioned” since we are almost touching the first quarter of the 21st century. Nevertheless, I like to put down a few thoughts that are all of my own.

In the good ‘old’ days, life was slow-paced, easy going – it seemed like school life would never end, but we had never heard the word ‘stress’.

Our main entertainment was the Radio, placed somewhere high up so that adults had the control of switching it off or on. Music was mostly lyrical and romantic, which we can sing even today. It was not noisy. Blaring or non-stop chatter. Read more

The Goan Challenge

Known as one of the smallest states in our vast country, Goa today is faced with challenges and difficulties that are neither small nor simple. Since our liberation, more than 57 years ago, Goa has faced and overcome many problems. But with the passage of time, new and more complex issues have risen to the surface, some of which threaten the very existence of the cultural fabric that defines Goa.

In the past Goans have gallantly defended their rights, be it during the fiercely fought Opinion Poll or the 1986 Language Agitation where 7 Konkani lovers lost their lives in order to make Konkani the official Language of Goa. These issues were close to the hearts of every Goan, hence they fought together surpassing caste, creed or religion. Read more


19th December 2018 Goa celebrated its Liberation Day. We have experienced 57 years of freedom after over 400 yrs. of the oppressive rule of the foreigners.

Today if we ask some of the people who lived in Goa at that time, they proudly claim that we are free citizens of our country, however if asked to compare the things then and now, immediate comes the reply, “vast difference”. No doubt our Goa has seen a lot of progress, lots of development in the 57 years gone by. But you analyse the development and its benefit to the locals, the reply turns very sour and bitter. Read more

Way To Go…

I always wonder, ‘what’s the point in earning and working relentlessly and not exploring the world?’ Besides living my so called ordinary life, the only thing on my mind is travelling. Yeah I’m a teacher by profession and I love my job, but at the same time I’m also an ardent travel lover. I guess I’ve been struck hard by the travel God!

The world has repeatedly intrigued and amazed me from time to again. There’s so much, waiting to be explored out there. Ever since I’ve gained consciousness as a living being, I’ve wanted to travel the world. And I’ve begun to set my trail. In last two years I have visited four countries and now there’s nothing that can stop me! Read more

World sick day

World day of the sick was initiated by Pope John Paul 2 on February 11 1992 to encourage people to pray for those suffering from illnesses and their caregivers.   The Pope himself suffered from Parkinsonism. February 11 is also the catholic feast of our Lady of Lourdes in honor of the apparition of the Virgin Mary seen on this day at Lourdes, France by a young girl Bernadette Soubirous who was canonized a saint several years later.  Poe Benedict 16 citing failing health, resigned as Pope on this day in 2013.

Right from the time a person is admitted in a hospital, so many people directly or indirectly are involved in his / her treatment besides the doctors like nurses, pharmacists, ward boys, servants, catering and administrative staff etc.  We have to pray for all of them besides the patients. Read more