Pormoll Editorial – April 2019

We are midway through the season of Lent and very shortly we will celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter is round the corner. Presently most of us, if not all, do practice some of the known ways of doing penance, fasting, giving alms, in keeping with the Lenten Spirit. In the words of Pope Francis, we can Fast from Read more

Dev Kakutichem Bhoktiponn

Dev Kakutichem bhoktiponn Faustina Kowalska he Poloni Madri-bhoinnin survatek aplea ganvant porgottlem. Bhagevont Pap Saib Juanv Paulu II hannem Madr Faustina-k altaracho man favo kelo ani Dev-kakutichi porob Igorjent sthapunk formailem. Hi porob Jezunuch Madr Faustina kodde magloli. Read more


March has ended. We are in the midst of the season of Lent. Our minds are in a serious mode inclined towards prayer, fasting, almsgiving, listening attentively to sermons & homilies, attending Missions and Retreats that guide us to change our old ways. We truly have a hunger to be changed persons, both from inside and out. Read more



F – aith in God and confidence in oneself will take you a long way.

A – dore only God for He is the Source of strength and grace.

I – mmaculate in thoughts and deeds is the helm of life. Read more

Let Us Celebrate

We will Recognize Each Other after Our Resurrection
Family members and friends, our facial features/appearance, after our Resurrection will be the same what it looked prior to our death. Our identity is maintained. Our body will be in perfection, glorious and will not suffer corruption again.
Let us examine in a prayerful reflection, whether the statement given above, can be accepted or not, based on the reasoning, verses from the Bible, explanations and inferences given below. Read more