Gonvlleacho Sondex – August 2019

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Agostachi 15 tarik amkam zaiti mhotvachi. Eke vatten tea disa Bharat-ak svotontrai mell’li ani dusre vatten tea disa Saibinnichem sorga-voronn zalem. Heam donui somorobhnnek ek khol sombond asa. Ho sombond bore toren somzunk proitn korum-ia.

“The Preacher and the Slave” mhonn Joe Hill (1879-1915) Swedish-American activist ani songwriter hannem (1911 vorsa) kantar boroilem. Tem oxem asa:-

You will eat, bye and bye,
In that glorious land above the sky;
Work and pray, live on hay,
You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.

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We are all conscious of the fact that we cannot achieve anything without hope and confidence in oneself. Hope structures our future lives, with a positive frame of mind and also influences our present lives. This is a feeling that things will fall in place as per our expectations, constantly looking forward to the best positive results. Take for example the recent academic results of our very own students in schools and colleges. They attended their classes regularly and put in their efforts to study as per their individual capacities. With trust in God and in themselves, they answered their final exams. They never lost track of that feeling to achieve the expected results. Finally when the results were out their joy had no bounds. Their efforts get rewarded. Read more

Ankvar Maria – Zoitivont Ostori

“Punorjivontponn ani Jivit Hanvuch. Jim konn Mhojer bhavarth dovortat, tim melim-i zalear jivim astolim ani jim konn jivim asat ani Mhojer bhavarth dovortat tim sasnnak morchim nant.”

Ju 11:25-26.

Dev aple podven ho sonvsar ani tantunt asa titlem rochta ani hem sogllem Devak borem dista. Dev mon’xak aplea sarkeacho rochun hem sogllem tachea hatant dita. Rochnecho samball korunk Dev mon’xeak ulo dita. Punn monis apleponnan bhorun Devache nem-kaide moddta ani patkacho gulam zata. Torui patkant aslolea mon’xeank Dev soddinam. Mon’xachi soddvonn korunk Dev apli yevzonn toyar korta ani apunnuch monis zaunk yevjita. Apunn Dev zaun-ui amche sarko zaunk to yevjita. Read more

“Let it be done to me …..”

Every month of the year has as important event that makes that month special for us. We call it a “Feast” – a celebration of a happy occasion. The month of August always brings to mind the Assumption of our Blessed Virgin Mary on the 15th, and the Queenship of the B.V.M on the 22nd.

When pondering on the Queenship of Mary, I find that the reference to Mary in the Gospels is not very much. When she was called to be the Mother of God, she said “Let it be done to me…” in the simplicity of her prayer room – no pomp and grandeur. Her YES was the result of her prayerful upbringing and study of the scriptures, is what comes to me. Read more

Assumption of Mary leads us to Freedom (Independence)

It was the night of August 1947. As the drums rolled and conches blew the midnight hour, India moved from foreign rule to independence. In the flush of freedom, our leaders spoke a new tongue, they breathed a new spirit into the dry bones of a buried nation.

Looking at India today, we are tempted to become pessimistic, we are disenchanted and disillusioned by what we see all round us. And so the question -Are we independent? Read more


As a parent, you may have more in common with your dentist than you think. Many moms and dads—even dentists struggle to keep their children’s mouths and teeth clean. Though your child’s first set of teeth are not permanent, they are still critical to the development of healthy gums, jaws, permanent teeth, and dental hygiene habits. From first teething to the development of permanent adult teeth, you can help your child develop and maintain strong healthy teeth and gums with the following tips and tricks. Read more


15th August is another date very important in the Roman Catholic Calendar. It’s a date wherein we commemorate the Assumption of Mother Mary. What does it signify?

It’s a date when Mother Mary has assumed to Heaven, following the death. This feast is called Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the DORMITION of the Most Holy Mother of GOD.

The dogma of the Catholic Church tells us that Virgin Mother Mary after her earthly life, her body and soul was assumed into heavenly Glory. This was defined by Pope Pius XII. Read more


Our Lord has given us the power of wisdom to differentiate between the right and the wrong. However, we often succumb to our impulses and urges, taking wrong decisions in life. The good thing is that the Lord allows us all to make a fresh start when we finally embrace the gift of wisdom. In the previous edition, you read how Kevin and Stacy saw the wisdom in investing before spending their salaries to secure their son, Brendon’s future. The 1st Money Mantra not only helped the couple accumulate wealth, but they were also able to nurture and care for others! Read more

My experience as a member of the Parish Pastoral Council

From the middle ages right upto the meeting of the second Vatican Council in the 1960’s ministry in the church was seen as something that those ordained did on behalf of the community. The responsibilities of the parishioners was simply to pray, pay and obey. In the light of Vatican II a new understanding of the church surfaced as the ‘People of God’. The revised code of Canon law 1983, urged that pastoral council’s be established in every parish. The parish council is presided over by the parish priest together with the elected members. They are engaged in the pastoral care of the parish and help to foster pastoral action. Read more