Gonvlleacho Sondex – October 2019

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Zaitea devoçao-a modem, soglleam von chodd vhodd devoçao mhollear Saibinnichem. Tantunt modem chodd ani soglleanger cholta tem mhollear – Ghorant Saibinn vhorun ladin korchem. Zaitea ganvamni Setembr-ache 8ver Saibinn ghorant vhorunk suru kelem. Punn hanga Otumbrache 13ver suru kortelim. Tea pasot soglleamnim hem korunk apli atmik toiari suru korchi mhonn mhozo usko. Read more

Editorial – October 2019

We missed it by just a whisker, yes, disappointing but true. Our nation’s bid to become the fourth country to achieve a soft landing on the Moon ended on a sombre note when our scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) lost contact with the space satellite, ‘Chandraayan-2.’   It was disheartening to say the least, as we were only seconds away before the landing module was scheduled to touch down on the unexplored South Pole of the Moon’s surface. This was an effort conceived nearly a decade ago and would have made every Indian hold their head high with pride; but it wasn’t to be. Millions of people waited with bated breath to witness the landing, but the Read more

St. Luke the Evangelist

St. Luke the Evangelist or Gospel Writer amongst the four Evangelists whose feast we celebrate on 18th October is one such Gospel writer who wrote the Word of God as narrated by St. Paul. He also wrote the ‘Acts of the Apostles’.

Born in Antioch, St. Luke was a Syrian Doctor (renowned Medical Practitioner), very well learned and a Christian convert. He arrived in Rome and stayed for two years with Peter and Mark. St. Luke spent considerable time in Palestine working with the Apostles and thus gathering lots of material for his writing. Read more

Posture- a core pillar to your overall physical heaLth

Posture is the attitude assumed by the body either when the body is stationary or when it is moving.

Good posture helps us stand, walk, sit and lie in positions that place least strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments during movement. Bad or poor posture can lead to excessive strain on the muscles causing discomfort.

If faulty postures are assumed continually on a daily basis, it will lead to discomfort and injury like back pain, neck pain, joint pain etc.

Being aware of a good posture is the first step to breaking old poor posture habits and reducing stress and strain on body parts. Read more


Angel of God, my Guardian Dear
to Whom God’s love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side
to light and to guard
to rule and guide. Amen.

Guardian Angels are perhaps the most popular kind, probably because we all know how fragile life can be – how little control we seem to have over the events that shape our lives. We desperately need protection from unexpected circumstances and unseen dangers. Just the thought of good angels hovering around us gives people a feeling of safety! Read more

Our Lady of the Rosary

The month of October is dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary. The Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary was instituted to honour  and to thank Our Lady for the protection of the Church  experienced through her in the victories of the Christian armies against the Turks at  Lepanto on 7th October  1571 and then  at Peterwarde  in Hungary in 1716. The faith that the Church expresses through the Feast is that Mary is the Protectress of the Church. The recitation of the Rosary is a means of experiencing her loving care. At the same time this Feast reminds us of Mary’s life and mission in the history of salvation. Read more


Catechism students celebrate Mother’s Day every year. Some years ago, on one occasion, a Catechist of Grace Church Margao, asked the students of his Confirmation Class, to write a letter to their Mothers. He said. “You can write whatever comes to your mind. Your thoughts and your feelings”. He then walked around the class, observing them. He noticed, some girls seated together looking pensive and had not yet started writing. So he asked them,   “Why did you not begin to write?”. About 3 or 4 of them together replied saying, “They are partial to their sons”. The Teacher aged 55 years, was taken aback as he did not expect such a statement from them. He was not aware that such discrimination prevailed. He thought for a while and addressed the emotional distress they go through for no fault of theirs.  Read more

Called to Inner Freedom

Inner freedom is to de-clutch the mind and abide in the stillness. God desires inner freedom for us to grow in self-knowledge and to live out of that, which means, to let go of what does not help us and to love God and love others.

Inner freedom is more about learning to develop a healthy and harmonious relationship with the variety of emotional states one is likely to occupy over the course of one’s lifetime and to respond open-heartedly to God’s invitation to be joyful and to live each moment to the fullest. Read more

Respecting The Lord’s Gift of Nature

In the Holy Bible, in Genesis 1 of the Old Testament, we are told of God creating the World; soon he added life, water, plants and humans to his creation, thereby making the environment comprehensive for us humans to grow and prosper.

This was the initial vision of God the Father when He planned to create the Universe and placed us human beings into it. Read more

Visitation of Our Beloved Mother

As the month of October nears, our thoughts go to the 13th of October, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. For most feasts we give much time to go to her nine days prior with our needs and lack. However, from this feast onwards, we have the privilege of our Blessed Mother visiting our homes, staying with us for 24 hours and bringing into our hearts the desire to keep her company with the recitation of the Rosary, which she has been calling for repeatedly. Read more