Gonvlleacho Sondex

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Dhondekar mhonntat, “Akhea vorsa bhitor Dezembr mhoineant sogllea von chodd giraik zata.” Khorem mhollear sarkhem tanchem. Hem dusreank vicharpachi goroz nam. Karann zonn eklo apunn kitlo khorch korta tednam tacheruch kollun ieta.

Dezembr mhoino sogllea Kristi lokak ekdom kuxalkaiecho. Jezuchea zolma vo natalam somoiar borem-borem nhesun, borim jevnnam korun, ixttam ani soiream borobor ekthaim zaun tim natalanche dis sartat ani somorombh kortat. Ekdom borem. Hachea borobor lhan bhurgeank ani vaddleleank legun tore-torechim danam ditat ani ghetat. Zaite pautt tantunt “surprise effect” legun samballun dovortat. Hantunt danam ghetolo-i ani ditolo-i kuxal zata. Bhurgeank zalear atam sarkhich sonvoim zalea. Vad’disa somoiar hatant kitem tori gheun bhitor sorchem poddta. Nam zalear bhurgem rokddench vicharta, “what gift you brought uncle?”  Tea pasot bhurgeache ani ghorcheanche lojek tori lagun vhodd nhoim zalear ek lhan vost tori hatant gheun bhitor sorchem poddta. Tem gift tujean viktem haddunk zata vo nam, tem anink pollounk konn vochonam. Kednam thoddim gifts rotate zatat. Eklo kaddun dusreak dita ani tench gift dusro kaddun tisreak dita. Tem gift naka mhonnun vo dovrunk suvat nam mhonn hem zata xem dista. Dusre kodden kednam-i konn gift gheun ieta khoro, punn tache fattlean anik kitem goro (hook) ghatlolo asta. Dita 100 rupeanchem. Punn kaddun gheta 200 rupeanchem. Osle-i monis astat.  Read more

The Reason for the Season

The liturgical year in the Church begins with the first Sunday of Advent. This period of the Season of Advent continues for four Sundays and ends with Christmas, the celebration of the birth of our Lord. The celebration of Advent has evolved in the spiritual life of the Church.

Advent comes from the Latin adventus, meaning coming. It is hard to give a clear account of how and where advent actually began. But we do have a rough idea of its beginning during the 4th and 5th centuries in Spain and Gaul. It was a time of preparation for the baptism of new Christians. But over time we find a gradual shift in the understanding of the season of advent. Read more

Pormoll Editorial December 2019

No matter what has happened to you in the past, or what is going on in your life right now, it has no power to keep you from having an amazingly good future if you will walk by faith in God. We all know our heavenly father loves us. His love has no bounds and this He has proved by sending His only son, Jesus Christ, to this sinful world to redeem us. Its over two thousand years since Jesus was born to our Virgin Mother Mary in that little manger in Bethlehem. It is this first coming of our Lord on this Earth, that we celebrate as Christmas, year after year. After His Birth, Jesus completed His mission on earth – Birth, Death and Resurrection and was finally lifted back into His Father’s arms in heaven. But God has promised us a second coming of Jesus Christ, but this time to judge the living and the dead. Read more

An Overview of Basic Life Support

Being around a medical emergency is never a pleasant experience. Remaining calm and performing a few easily learnable manoeuvres could often be the difference between life and death, literally. Below is a brief overview of what one can do if faced with such an emergency:

 Importance of Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

There are approximately 700,000 cardiac arrests per year and the survival to hospital discharge rate is presently approximately 5-10%. Bystander CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) is a vital intervention before the arrival of emergency services that doubles or triples survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Once the heart ceases to function, a human brain may survive for up to 4 minutes without suffering any permanent damage. Unfortunately, a typical EMS (emergency medical services) response may take up to 10 minutes. It is during these critical minutes that CPR can provide oxygenated blood to the victims’ brain and heart dramatically increasing the likelihood of survival. If instructed properly anyone can provide CPR. Read more


‘Goa’ a tiny emerald on the western coast of India known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, ‘a Tourist Paradise’ is celebrating its 58th Liberation Day on 19 December 2019. It gives me immense pleasure to recall that old glory story and salute the innumerable martyrs who laid their lives and also others who toiled tirelessly through their life to liberate our mother land from the shackles of Portuguese Colonisation. The Portuguese, colonised India in 1510 conquering Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadar Nagar Haveli and Anjadiva Island. Read more


Christmas is a feast of great joy. Houses are decorated. Coloured paper stars scattering light flutter in front of our houses. The midnight Mass, the crib with the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the animals give a sense of mystery and wonder to this feast. After the Eucharist, all the family members gather at home and exchange gifts. On Christmas day none is so happy as our children. In their new clothes, with the presents scattered around them, the children radiate a spirit of pure joy and satisfaction. But in our poor families, we cannot celebrate Christmas with lights and presents, food and drinks. Nor can we give many presents to our children. Yet, even we, the poor are swept into the joy of Christmas. The new, though cheap clothes and the little extra food are signs of our participation in the joy of this feast. Joy is God’s universal gift. The rich and the poor can share it. Read more

The Nativity of Jesus

It is mid-November as I write this article, but my mind has fast-tracked to December, not because of the close of this year which has whizzed by, but because of Christmas.

I am a senior citizen so my thoughts are not about what to buy myself or what to do for Christmas, rather they go in slow motion (Senior citizen style) to the yesteryears when preparations began in November itself.

Those were the days of large families; we for example were 7 of us, with my mum, and one earning member, my dad. It’s a wonder how in those days the head of the family provided for the new clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts, decorations, the star, crib, Christmas tree and more especially as the ingredients for the “Kunswar” and meals for family and visitors on that day. Read more

The Sixth Money Mantra

We have been dogged by the rising inflation ever since attaining Independence. The prices of goods and services keep spiralling up, making any increase in income ineffective. Have you noticed how your expenses creep up to equal your income?

What if the same inflation helps you earn more money? Incredulous, are you?

While traditional investments such as Fixed Deposits punish you with inflation, equity markets reward you. Let’s read Neil’s story to unravel our sixth Money Mantra! Read more

Christmas, a gift of a new heart to the world

Behold, a Virgin shall be with a child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call him –Emmanuel- which means, ‘God with us’. Every 25th December we celebrate Christmas, the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is an occasion to share our love, our happiness and joy with others.

It is the best time that we can renew ourselves. These days however, do we see Christmas in its true sense or is it something else altogether? Read more

An Erroneous Statement

Sometimes we are told, “The Church means, ‘the Body of faithful Christians’ (Refer 1 Corn. 11: 18 and verse 22) It is not the Building”. (Not from our Parish Priest or Asst. Parish Priest)

In the above given two statements, don’t you think, the first has validity while the second is invalid? Therefore, objectionable to God?  Read more