Gonvlleacho Sondex

Fattlea vorsant (2019) okosmat zaitim kazaram zalim. Hea vorsa (2020) bhov thoddim zatelim. Hachem karann mhollear hem Leap Year. Oslem dor tin vorsam uprant chovtea vorsak zata. Febrerachea mhoineant 29 tarik ieta. Zaitea lokache azun achar ani bhirant asa. Khorem mhollear hea adhunik kallar oxem zaunk favo nhoim aslem. Sonvsarak suriachea bonvtonnim gunvun aslea zagear porot pavunk 365 dis ani 6 voram lagtat. Punn tim 6 voram koxim mhonn ghaltolo? Suria bonvtonnim sonvsarachi vatt ani suvat eka vorsa bhitor samballunk 6+6+6+6 voram ekthaim korun dor chovtea vorsak ek dis kortat. Ani taka ami Leap Year mhonntat. Jem kitem borem vo vaitt zaunk zai tem eke kinnam bhitor zaunk zata. Amchea vaittachem karann dusreancher ghalunk ekdom sompem.

William Shakespeare oxem mhonnta, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Dor eklea boreacho zonn eklo dhoni. Konn eklo khoim zaite pautt mhonntalo, “Aplea ek sort (lottery) laglear puro, apunn vhodd grest monis zatolo.” Ti sort (lottery) taka lagunk to kednanch ek sort vikti ghe naslo. Tosli ghot zaite pautt amchi zata. Borem zaunk vo konnui vhoir sorunk eka vo don disamni zainam. Thoim short cut asna. Konnui vhoir sortolo zalear vorsanchea vorsam menoit korchi poddta. Vaitt zaunk vo jivitant vhoir aslo sokla poddunk vell naka. Read more

Pormoll Editorial – January 2020

We are at the fag end of the year 2019. In a few days, we will welcome the New year 2020 and extend New Year wishes to one and all. The New Year resolutions will be written and read out over and over again and then forgotten in a matter of moments. And yes, the old man will appear, only to be burnt at the stroke of midnight, heralding the beginning of the New Year. Incidentally this year 2020 is a leap year, meaning it has 366 days and is divisible by 4. Read more

2020 – Resolutions / habits

From school days we have heard and been told that January is the month for making resolutions, to become better persons. After serious and genuine attempts at varied resolutions, I admit to being unable to sustain the initial enthusiasm and fervour beyond the first month, ending up feeling guilty.

Now, thinking about it, it could be that I went about it the wrong way, that is, relied on my own strength instead of doing what the Psalmist says “Commit your way to the Lord; put you trust in Him and LET HIM ACT” (Ps. 37:5)

In the course of my walk with Jesus, I adopted the following two habits; the fruit of which is peace and stability for me.

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The word ‘Epiphany’ means the manifestation of a God in human form. Epiphany celebrates not only the adoration of the Babe of Bethlehem by the wise men from the East but also our own call to Christ in the gift of faith and our surrender to Him in response of faith. We shall be united with all men of goodwill who are seeking to find Jesus in their daily lives; we shall pray with them and for them that their search and our search for Jesus in our life today and every day of our life may be successful.

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Goychem Noketr – Sant Juze Vaz

Sant Juze Vazachem jivit vachun polletoch to ek vhoddantlo vhodd Sant mhonn amchean khatren ani obhimanan mhonnonk zata. Sant Juze Vaz hea sonvsari poinnar ek khorelo Sant koso jiyelo. Devan apnnak dil’le talent tannem vollkhun ghetle, khub thokos gheun tanchi udorgot keli ani sogllea udarponnan tea talentam vorvim Devachea molleant mogan vavr kelo. Sant Juze Vaz, Cristopher Vaz ani Maria Miranda hancho tisro put. To Abrilachè 21ver, 1651 vorsa aplea avoychea ghora Bannavli zolmolo. Abrilache 28ver Jezuit Padr Vigar, Jacinto Pereira hannem Bannavle-che Sant Juanv Batistache Igorjent taka Bautism dilo ani Juze Vaz mhunn taka nanv dovorlem. Sebastiao Read more

Republic Day of India

Republic Day is a remarkable day in the history of India when finally the Constitution of India came into effect on January 26, 1950. This year marks the 70th Republic Day of India. It was this day when the country’s transformation towards becoming independent had begun. It is a moment of pride that our country has a mark on the global map in almost all streams of popularity known for its culture. India has excelled in technological and economic aspects as well.

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St. John Bosco (DON BOSCO)

John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco was born in CASTELNOUVO, Italy to Margarita Occhiena and Francesco Bosco on 16th August 1815. His Father died when he was just two years old. So, his mother had to raise the family of three boys all by herself. His mother was fondly called by all as Mama Margaret. She worked hard to give the real values to her children. At her knees, John first heard the voice of the master calling him for a special assignment. As years passed, John told his mother that he would be priest. As a young child he had the Charisma of attracting young children to him. He learnt the tricks of magic from travelling showmen. He walked the tightrope, he opened the carnival show, and the only admission fee was to recite the rosary by all spectators. By 1835 at 20 years he joined the Seminary, excelled in studies, made friends with many or countless people, from many walks of life. Amongst them was Fr. Catasso, his confessor who understood him and helped him to interpret God’s plan.

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Care Givers

In the Medical Profession, we come across various forms of ailments – some of a minor nature and yet others of a very serious nature, some just trivial and some life and death situations.

We have patients with minor cold and coughs, aches, pains and then we have some with ailments such as Organ failure, cancer, tumors etc and still others that are degenerative in nature like Alzeimers, Parkinsons etc.

In all of my interactions and consultations as a Doctor, the focus has been on the well-being of the patient. The main focus has been to get the patient up and running to go about his or her normal life.

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Losing someone in the family is always painful. And if that person is the sole provider, the family’s prospects turn very bleak, as we read in the story of Neil and Joanna in the last edition. Had Neil’s father been insured, the family would have avoided any financial distress. But is life insurance alone sufficient? Should we not protect our assets and wealth while we are still alive? Let’s find out with Alvina’s story. Read more