Can you find the Books of the Bible hidden in the following article?

At a Bible seminar a professor remarked about the hidden books of the Bible to be found in a series of short paragraphs. He was called Salu but his real name was Salvador. So Salu kept the students looking intensely for facts and more clear revelation. Some were in a jam, especially since the books were not capitalized, but their keenness helped them find eternal truths but unfortunately large number of readers later could not figure out the answers. It was a most fascinating opportunity for those who were familiar with the Bible.

Yes, there are some easy ones to spot, while others will be very difficult to locate. Since the standard of the quiz is high the judges will determine if it is too difficult before a mass exodus from these games occurs. We must admit that it usually takes several minutes. This often produces loud lamentations from those who cannot find the answers.

Alice was solving the quiz online. In the morning she brews her coffee and solves various kinds of puzzles. Her husband Savio is a practical joker, a mimic ahead of his time who entertains her when he sees her struggling. He sometimes wonders why Alice is spending so much time solving puzzles, but he is very wrong, for even an old hag gains self-confidence when she is able to solve puzzles. Their son Joe lets his friend John stay over and he too helps in solving the puzzles. He is unable to walk straight as he stripped over a hose, and broke his leg. Barjona his doctor encouraged him to take long walks. His younger sister Maria would accompany him. She was dating a guy named Genes and together they would go for an excursion. Genes is an expert when it comes to playing the guitar and he would take it along. Their favorite snack was roasted channa and so they would eat channa, hum the tune if they didn’t know the words and have a great time.


Winner of the Christmas Quiz : Jeremiah Anthony Mazarelo