Bible Quiz – Dec 2019

Christmas Bible Quiz

  1. Who decided the date for Christmas would be December 25th?
  2. True or false: Jesus was born on Christmas Day?
  3. The French word “Noel” is often used around Christmas, but what was its original meaning in Latin?
  4. In what century was December 25 first identified as the day when Jesus was born?
  5. Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
  6. Which Old Testament prophet had the most to say about the birth of Christ?
  7. Which festival commemorates the visit of the Magi to Jesus?
  8. How many magi visited Christ shortly after his birth, according to the Bible?
  9. How old was Jesus when the wise men found him?
  10. According to most English translations, where is Christ when the magi come to visit Him?
  11. Two of the four Gospels do not mention the birth of Christ. Which two?

Note: The prize will be given to the most number of correct answers.

Answers for November

  1. Saul
  2. Solomon
  3. Nebuchadnezzar
  4. Hezekiah
  5. Darius
  6. Abimelech
  7. Belshazzar
  8. Esther
  9. Ahinoam
  10. Darius
  11. Pilate