Legion of Mary

Mary was so full of charity that she was found worthy to conceive and bring into the world ‘HIM’ who is charity itself.
The Legion is an association of Catholics and is under the powerful leadership of Mary immaculate. They have formed themselves into a legion for service. This is a movement of lay people, who propose to make faith , the aspirations of their lives, up to the achievement of personal sanctity.
The spirit of Legion of Mary is that of Mary herself. The Legionaries aspire after her profound humility, her continual prayer and above all a quality that never equaled her Faith.
The primary obligation of each member is the dutiful attendance pf its meetings. The unit of the Legion is the presidium which holds weekly meetings at which work is assigned to each legionary and the report of the work done is received from each one.
The members of our senior presidium called Our Lady of Health and the Junior presidium called “Morning Star”. They undertake various services in connection with the Chapel. They also visit Homes, Hospitals, Homes for the aged, etc.
The Legion of Mary is open to all Catholics who are animated by the desire to practice the lay apostolate in the Works of the Legion and are prepared to fulfill every duty which the membership of the Legion involves.
Those who are unable to become active members but wish to associate themselves to the Legion can undertake a service of prayer in its name. Such members are called the auxiliary members.
We pray that the blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother may enlighten the minds of many, to practice the lay apostolate in the works of the legion.