No Masses

As  a preventive measure for CORONA VIRUS, There will be no masses/events in the church for the general public, but the priest will celebrate mass daily for the intentions of the parishioners. This will continue till further notice.

The masses will be live telecast-ed on our YouTube channel daily at 7:00 am and on Sundays at 7:30 am

Vhoddli rat, fuddli vatt

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Fattlea panch (5) mhoineanim Covid-19, Corona Virus, Pandemic ani mornna, him utram hozar pautti newspaper, television ani mobile/whatsapp-acher polloun ani aikun kan bosleat ani tokli bherelea asteli. Tantunt modem zaitea lokacheo sirviseo gheleat ani bekarponn ailam astelem. Bolaiki, vell ani xikop asa punn sirvis nam. Ghor asa punn poixe nant. Osli itli amchi poristhiti ghoddie zaunk nam asteli, punn desant dusream suvatancher zait veta. Fattlem chitr polleit zalear bhirant dista ani akant ieta. Read more

Editorial – Sep 2020

My dear friends
And the show goes on and on, giving no respite whatsoever. The scary feelings in each one’s mind linger on with an uncertain tomorrow. Who will the next victim be? At whose door this COVID disease knock next? How long this grim and war- like situation continue to haunt us? Many unanswered questions for which we have no ready answers. Read more

Nativity of Blesses Virgin Mary

Every woman at a certain stage in her life longs for the experience that comes along with that of being a mother. Being a mother brings enough joy in itself. It is difficult to put into words how wonderful and special it is to be with a  child and have him or her with you. A painful process but a jovial atmosphere, the cry of the child but faces filled with smiles, and at last,` I am a mother,’ a feeling that never dies. The miracle of giving birth after the nine months is full of mixed emotions to the mother – father and to the whole family. Same miracle of birth was experienced by the beloved parents of our Blessed Virgin Mary at her birth. The birth of Blessed Virgin Mary plays a crucial role in the history of salvation. Read more

The Archangels

On 30thSeptember, the Church celebrates the feast of the Archangels. The existence of these spiritual, non-corporal beings, that sacred scripture usually calls “angels” is a truth of faith.

Who are Angels? ‘Angel’ is the name of their office not of their nature. If you seek the name of their office, it is Angel, that is what they do. If it is their nature, it is spirit that is what they are with their whole beings. The angels are servants and messengers of God. They were created by Him at the dawn of time for the purpose of being His servants and messengers. They have forever contemplated the face of God and are ready to rush to His command as attentive listeners and executors of His word. Read more

Padre Pio – A Saint of our times

SEPTEMBER – the very word conjures an aura of gentleness, kindness and serenity. Naturally, this month has the fragrance of the Birth of our Blessed Mother Mary. In addition, on 23rd September, we celebrate the feast of a gentle Saint-St.Pius of Pietrelcina (PADRE PIO) -a Saint of our times. Read more

Mother Tereza of Calcutta

Mother Tereza was born on August 26th 1910 in Skopje, the current Capital of Macedonia, to Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu, who were of Albania descent. She was baptized as Anjeza (Agnes) Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. The child was taught values and religion and grew up as a pious child. Read more

Need to meet a dentist during covid 19?

The ease with which COVID-19 spreads, has led to the shutdown of lot of essential services. While many other medical services can be availed despite restrictions, dental treatments are the most impacted. COVID-19 can spread easily when you visit a dentist because of the way a dentist works on your teeth.  Read more

God creates but a Teacher Recreates

In India we celebrate 5th of September as ‘Teachers’ Day’, in remembrance of the birth anniversary of a scholar, a great teacher and the former second President of India Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This day is also dedicated to all our doting teachers.

Gone are the days when grades and academic performances were the only yardsticks  to evaluate performances of students and teachers.In fact, the need for dynamic, charismatic and well-informed teachers has never been felt more than in today’s rapidly changing world, whose impact on students stretches far beyond, not just academic numbers, but in areas of discipline, culture, ethics, behaviour, character, personality and team building, all of which shape an individual to face the world. Read more

My Anguish as a Teacher through a Pandemic

When we were barely getting aware of the Corona virus outbreak in China, in January 2020, little did we know that soon the so called virus would eventually engulf the whole Earth. It did and it did so calamitously! The world’s economy came to an instantaneous standstill and along with it all the livelihoods. Undeniably, every work sector has been on a real downer and so has been my job as a teacher. Read more

From the Teacher’s Heart

Teachers of St. Sebastian English Primary School, Aquem

I am filled with gratitude to the Almighty for the four decades and more in the teaching profession which to me was a vocation. A teacher is not a teacher by choice but a call to serve and nurture the young minds. There could be no other profession that can surpass the role of a teacher; for a teacher is an embodiment of values, knowledge, talents and a repository of love and compassion. No two days at the school are similar as each is tailored to suit the anxious tender minds of the students at different stages.
This is what makes the life of a teacher challenging and yet exciting and wanting to do more as there is no limit as to how much!
As l recall my life at school, it has been nothing short of a rewarding career, an eventful journey filled with sweet memories.
Ms. Celina Menezes
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