Plenary Indulgence

A Plenary Indulgence Applicable only to the souls in Purgatory, is granted to any of the faithful who:

  1. on one of the days from 1 to 8 November visit devoutly a cemetery or simply pray mentally for the dead;
  2. on All Souls Day visits a church or chapel with devotion and there recite the Our Father and the Creed.

All Parishioners are also requested to pray an extra Rosary during the day and please teach this to children also.

Sondex – November 2020

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Covid19 zaun akhea sonvsarak sogllench bodol’lam. Bodlop mhollear vadd zaupachi ek  khori ani bori khunna. Bodolpantlean kitem tori borem ani novem nirmann zata. Novem ieta tednam mandun gheunk adkoll ani dukh zata. Adleo riti ani sonvoim-eo soddun diuncheo poddtat. Novea-chi sonvoim korchi poddta.

Covid19 haka lagun bhieun lokachem bhonvop unnem zalem. Pollution unnem zalem. Vatavoronn nivoll zait ghelem. Monis atmsyam (self-control) xiklo. Punn dusre vatten haka lagu zatelem sogllem tourism, travel, hospitality sector bond poddlo. Sirviseo unneo zaleo. Vegllo-vegllo vavr korun pott bhorpache soeg unnem zale. Read more

“Yearning or Longing of the Psalmist” – Psalm 42


Fr. Leslie

Psalms are songs, but a different kind of songs. Some of the Psalms praise God for His faithfulness and power, some songs are of God’s historical acts on behalf of the people of God, some give us hope and encouragement in the love God has for His people, and some lament over a certain tragedy or discomfort they are experiencing. Psalm 42 is a psalm of lament, focusing more on the “thirsting or yearning or longing of the Psalmist”. Laments are heart-felt cries to God while in pain or suffering, sometimes in the midst of the times when we feel God is absent. It is said that Pss 42 and 43 make one song. In both these psalms we can see the longing of the psalmist and asking for help. Why and for what the psalmist is longing? Read more

Editorial – November 2020

We are living in a world full of uncertainty, anxiety and fear.The impact of the Corona virus has been so severe that the extent of unimaginable damage to mankind has been stretched by the day.Adding to the misery are the huge scams and bulldozing of unwanted projects in the guize of progress and development.Today’s world is characterized by a loss of moral values and a lack of integrity.There is an absolute need for more integrity, whether it be in one’s personal life, the workplace or in society.Only integrity can save us as a nation and the whole human race.In the midst of it all,we need to thank the Almighty for being with us in these difficult times.We have come thus far with hope and confidence in God.Hope that things will turn out for the best…constantly looking forward to that positive outcome. Read more

The child is the father of the Man

On November 14th Children’s Day, we celebrate all children across the board, and loveable they all are. As the poet Wordsworth says Children when they come into this world are

“But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home

Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

Shades of the prison-house begin to close

Upon the growing boy”

The Shades of the prison house are what the child is subjected to in his / her growing years. As parents we need to examine whether we are the shades of the prison house  ‘ that ‘ crib, cabin and confine – hinder our kids from growing up to be the men and women they are meant to be. Thomas Harris in his best seller ‘I’m OK. You’re OK’ speaks of  4 life positions viz:

Read more

Jesus Christ – Universal King

We all know that Jesus is King of Heaven and Earth. This is a truth we celebrate in November, on the last Sunday of Ordinary Time which is followed by the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Let’s go on a tangent to ponder on two other significant days in November, i.e. All Saints Day and All Souls Day. These two days are like two sides of a coin.

On all Saints Day we remember the saints who are in Heaven because they chose to follow Jesus – King of Heaven & Earth. They have the joy of seeing God face to face forever. Read more


We believe in GOD, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints and forgiveness of sins. This is the doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church and we all accept it as a part of our life and salvation of our soul.

The month of November is a month beginning with the 1st date as we remember all the saints, all holy people who did the will of GOD, totally sacrificed and enjoyed to do the will. They fully believed in Him and gave their 100% to our GOD, and GOD in turn rewarded them with Heaven. They live in communion with Saints. Read more

Mental Health Considerations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In January 2020, WHO declared International Concern at the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  In March 2020, it declared it a pandemic, since it had spread worldwide.

WHO and public health officials, including India, are on a war footing, trying to contain the spread, and find an effective treatment n vaccine. In the meanwhile however, people are much stressed and anxious with the new way of living.  The WHO’s Department of MENTAL HEALTH & SUBSTANCE USE has come up with some considerations for people of different groups.

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