SONDEX – July 2024

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Tumkam dor kuttumbak ani dor firgozkarak ani Fr. Andrew Pereira tumchea adlea Vigar-ak, maie-mogaecho nomoskar
Novi Firgoz, novo lok, novem vatavoronn, noveo chali, riti, veglleo chali riti, sogllench novem. Zhadd-pedd, Mhadei nodhi, vall, sukhnim, zanavoram hancho sangat ani avaz aikun tin vorsam Satari vattaran (Taluka) hanv jielom ani gonvllik vaur chodd o-kristi loka modem kelo. Atam vatavoronn dusrem, lok dusro. Birondem, Satari avaz ietalo punn to sukhnneamcho ani zanavoramcho, hanga avaz ieta motor gaddiancho ani modianim ratri ‘train’ veta tichea horn-acho. Read more

Editorial – July 2024

Communication and remaining connected is the primary means through which individuals share and exchange information, ideas and thoughts-most importantly fosters strong relationships and affects our everyday lives. Being the cornerstone of human interaction, effective communication facilitates understanding, resolves conflicts and promotes collaboration. Whether verbal or nonverbal, it is the key to a harmonious family and society life, nurturing empathy and building trust in each other like a tool for human connection, understanding and progress. This is true in every aspect of life, whether in personal relationships, professional or social interactions. In personal relationships, it allows individuals to express their feelings and needs, while also listening to and acknowledging others. Read more

St. Thomas, the Apostle. (3rd July)

Thomas, a Syrian name, meaning ‘Twin’.  Thomas was also known as Didymus in Greek and Jumeau in French.

Saint Thomas was probably born in Galilee to a humble family, but there is no indication that he was a fisherman. He was a Jew, but there is no account of how he became an apostle to Christ. Nevertheless, thanks to the fourth Gospel his personality is clearer to us than some of the other Twelve. Thomas’ name occurs in Matthew (10:3), Mark (3:18), Luke (6) and Acts of the Apostles (1:13), but in the Gospel of John he plays a particularly distinctive part. Thomas is often condemned for his lack of belief, but Thomas was equally courageous, willing to stand by Jesus in dangerous times. He also relentlessly sought the Truth. Like an inquisitive child, he constantly asked questions. His wonderful profession, “My Lord and my God,” is the clearest declaration of Jesus’ divinity in Holy Scripture. Read more

Home of Joy

I feel delighted that I am asked to write an article for Pormoll, the July issue, since I am no longer a parishioner of Aquem. You wonder why. It is because I have left Aquem and St. Sebastian Parish and moved permanently to “Daddy’s Home of Joy” in Guirdolim, Chandor. Several factors contributed to my decision to make this transition, but I will mention a few. In 2018 I moved from Mumbai for good and settled in Aquem, taking it to be my final destination. I was 73 years then and felt good and positive about the move. I must say that I enjoyed every one of my days since then, because help was always at hand from my immediate neighbours, relatives in Margao and our family friends of many years in Aquem. Read more

Sant Anton-ichem TREZEN ani POROB

Sodanche porim hea-vui vorsa Sant Anton-ichem TREZEN ani POROB vhodde umedin ani ghonnghonnan zalem.Amche Firgojentlo,vaddeantlo ani tosoch sorb-bhonvtim aslelea ganvcho zaito lok hea tera disanchea Trezen/Festak hajir zalo ani aplim khalti magnnim ani oddchonneo Bhagivont Antoni vorvim Devak ubarlim ani apleak meulelea soglea denneam khatir Devak dhinvaslo. Maiache 31-ver,Padr Kur,Fr.Leslie Gomes,hannem maddiecher axirvad ghalun Trezen-ak survat dili.Tea disa, Fr.Leslie- cho Aquem-che Firgojent nimanno dis aslo ani tachi bodli zalea dekun soglea hajir aslelea bhavam-bhoinnank “Adeus “korun to aple nove Firgojent,Piedade,Divar vochunk bhair sorlo.Sogleanim taka borem anvddeun,tache khatir maglem ani taka adeus kelo. Read more

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Elijah went up to the top of Carmel, crouched down to the earth, and put his head between his knees. He said to his servant, “Go up and look out to sea.” He went up and looked, but reported, “There is nothing.” Seven times he said, “Go look again!” And the seventh time the youth reported, “There is a cloud as small as a man’s hand rising from the sea.” Elijah said, “Go and say to Ahab, ‘Harness up and go down the mountain before the rain stops you.’” All at once the sky grew dark with clouds and wind, and a heavy rain fell. (1 Kings 18:42–45) Read more

Our Grandparents Legacy

Some of the world’s best educators are grandparents – Dr. Charlie W. Shedd

Do you remember the days spent in the loving company of your grandparents? Memories of summer holidays in my childhood are abundant with times spent listening to stories told by my grandmother while we ate our simple yet delicious lunch or dinner. Times spent playing in the gardens and backyards filled with banana, mango, chickoo, guava and so many other fruit trees; trees planted by my grandfather, lovingly spreading their branches wide like open arms.   Read more

Importance of Flossing teeth

Flossing is the process of cleaning between the teeth, and between the teeth and the gum using a thin filament called dental floss.

A dental floss is usually made of silk, nylon, or Teflon.

It is important to include flossing once a day in order to decrease the likelihood of cavities and gum disease.

It’s easy for food to get trapped in the gaps between your teeth, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque to develop. These hidden food particles get caught in the gaps between teeth where bacteria in our mouth breaks down the food to produce acid that is harmful for our teeth and gums as well. Unlike brushing, flossing can allow you to get into these gaps and remove the bacteria-causing debris. Read more

Quest for Freedom

As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.
                                                                   Nelson Mandela on his release from Jail.

Three men were about to be executed by the firing squad. In their time in prison they had meticulously  planned their way to freedom.

The first man was brought forward and before they could shoot him he yelled “avalanche“! The firing squad panicked and, in the confusion that ensued, the man jumped over the wall and into freedom before the firing squad could regroup. Read more

Report on Parish Catechetical Association Inaugural Mass

“The dignity of man rests above all on the fact that he is called to communion with God”
The PCA i.e. the Parish Catechetical Association of St. Sebastian Church, Aquem organized the inaugural mass on 16th June 2024 at 9 am which marked the beginning of the Catechetical year 2024-25. Before the mass the children had catechism class where they met their catechism Teachers and had a short time together after which all gathered together in the church for the mass. The mass was celebrated by Our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Agnel Rodrigues. After the post communion rites all the catechists were called in front to take the Oath together followed by the blessing with Holy Water.
The flow of the mass was smooth as all the readers did their part well.
Seeing the children back on their seats felt refreshing as the church looked bare without them just like how a garden looks empty without a flower bed.
After the mass the catechists had their first meeting of the year which ended at around 11:30am.
The catechists for this catechetical year are:
Sr. Godwina, Sr. Justina, Sr. Karol, Meena, Valantina, Bazia, Mieka, Valanka, Andrea, Saloni, Dashia, Loren, Sancha, Rayhan, Cedric, Sherida, Gladys, Valoshka, Savion, Chloe and Rhea.