Gonvlleacho Sondex

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Dis fantear uzvaddchea bhov adim Maria Magdalene bhieun bhieun Jezuchea fondda-xim gheli. Oxem xubhvortomananim mellta. Toslich koxi ghoth atam sogllea sonvsarachi zalea. Corona Virus zaun akhea sonvsarak vidhvas zaun sogllo moniskull kallokant ani bhirantint poddlolo. Atam virus il’lo unno zaun soglle kodden zaum tem dhondeant, xallamnim ani ier kodden lok bhieun bhieun bhair sortat. Aiz tori borem asa. Faleam kitem zatelem mhonn noko zaun mon’xancher bhirant aileli ti azun vochunk nam.
Maria Magdalene ani dusreo ostoreo bhieun Jezuchea fonddaxim gheleleo. Jezucho fondd rikhamo polleun teo bheeleo ani ojeap zaleo. Jezu fonddant tankam dixtti poddunk nam punn fonda bhair tankam to mell’llo. Jezuk tinnem poilo ollkhunk nam. Punn uprant olllkhun ti ojeap zali. Read more

Editorial – Nov 2021

We are entering into the month of November, the penultimate month of this eventful year 2021. For us, Catholics, this month begins with All Saints Day on the 1st and All Souls Day on the 2nd. In fact this full month is dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. It is also dubbed as the ‘Month of the Dead’. On All Saints Day, we honour and pray, not only to the souls who have attained Sainthood on Earth, through official recognition but we firmly believe that all our faithful deceased in Heaven are also considered to be Saints. All Souls Day is a day for commemoration of all the faithful departed. We believe that those who have died with the guilt of lesser sins on their souls, remain in purgatory, until they are finally free of their guilt through the intercessory prayers of their family & friends on earth. It is precisely the reason why this day is dedicated to prayer and remembrance so that the faithful on Earth can offer Masses and prayers in order to help cleanse these souls to fit them for the vision of God in Heaven. For us in Aquem, visiting the Cemetery to pray for the souls of our loved ones, is a lot more convenient than the good old days, when we were under Navelim Parish. It was on 21st May 2006 that our cemetery finally became a reality. On 3rd November we are celebrating the 19th Anniversary of our Church elevation Day. It was on 03/11/2002, that our St. Sebastian Chapel was elevated to the status of an independent Church of St. Sebastian, Aquem. As we are aware, we were earlier a part of the Navelim Parish, until the dawn of this historic day. Read more

Hidden Catechism in the playing cards


The “9” The number “9” on the playing card symbolizes or speaks about the nine lepers who didn’t come back to thank Jesus after they received the healing (Lk 17, 11-19). Only one came back praising God with a loud voice. He prostrated himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him. (v.v 15 and 16). Gratitude should be part of our life, specially our gratitude towards God for the wonders He does in our life. Every day is a miracle, it’s all because of God. So we need to be grateful to God everyday like the leper, who especially returned to Jesus to thank Him. We need to show our gratitude towards our parents, family members, whose support and help we receive, etc. Read more

Call to Sainthood

At almost the close of the year, the 2 special days etched on our mind are, 1st November – All Saints Day; 2nd November – All Souls Day.

All Saints Day : is a feast for all of us because we are called to be Saints. To be a Saint is to be Holy. For this we look for inspiration to the lives of saints. The lives they carved out for themselves in the midst of difficult and daunting circumstances. Veneration of saints is not about their statues or novenas, but about their spirituality.
In the scriptures the word ‘Saint’ is in common usage. It refers to those who are in Christ. Every Christian is called to be a Saint. It means letting Jesus have full possession of our life. It means never to choose sin over Holiness, when tempted. We often hide behind the excuse of “I am not a saint”. But the lives of saints scream out to us “It is possible”. What the saints did was, they carved a path where none existed. They lived the kind of life Jesus wants His Disciples to live. In the midst of persecution, the social set-up, their spiritual set-up, they found a way to live their spiritual life and make it fruitful. Read more

Family Apostolate

The “Family Apostolate” is the mission that Catholic families have received from the Vicar of Christ – to preserve, to protect, to heal, to reform, and to restore sound family life in the modern world.

While the “Family apostolate” subject is rarely discussed and debated it is one of the founding and most important pillars in modern times where contemporary hectic life style discounts us from keeping family bonds together. The subject is so vast and complex that this writer warns he might not be able to do full justice to the subject in few paragraphs.

In a Family Apostolate a lot of stress is laid on upbringing and bonding of family members. Family is so important because of all the love and support it provides. Being with family helps construct principles and improves overall mental health. Thereafter this good DNA habit can then be infectious to others outside their domain which in turn helps to relay this effect in making other families be of an example. Therefore the apostolate of married persons and families is of unique importance for the Church and civil society.
“Family” is a community and a place that welcomes life and the school of humanity, where future spouses are best formed to become responsible parents. The problems of the modern family are to a large extent related to the conflicting nature of contemporary culture which is, complex, heterogeneous, transitional, and rapidly moving. They are the causes of confusion in many modern families. In such situations, the family apostolate knowledge enables the couples and the other members of the family to encounter one another and to achieve an integral and holistic vision of their challenges and responsibilities in the modern world. Read more

Feast of Christ the king

The feast of Christ The King, also called solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the universe. It is also called magnification of feast of Ascension. Originally it was celebrated on the last Sunday of October. But in the revised liturgical calendar issued by Pope Paul VI in1969 it is moved to the last Sunday of Ordinary Time, prior to the Sunday of Advent. This is a declaration that Christ dominion is a fitting end to the Liturgical calendar. This year it’s on 21st November.

The feast was introduced in 1925 by Pope Pius XI to help the Church respond to the rising secularism and atheism in the world. Pope Pius XI in 1925 in his Papal Encyclical “QUAS PRIMAS” while inaugurating the feast of Christ The King wrote as follows “oh what happiness would be ours if all people, individuals, families, and nations would but let themselves be governed by Christ”. He further said that Feast of CORPUS CHRISTI was instituted when devotion to the Eucharist was waning. So too he notes the feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus was instituted at a time when men were oppressed by the sad and gloomy severity of “JANSENISM”. Read more

Children Before Everything

Children before Everything’ is the theme of International Children’s day this year. Children’s day in India is celebrated on 14th November every year. It speaks of children’s rights, care and education. It also offers it’s tribute to our first Prime Minister- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was a supporter of children’s education, always looking for ways to ensure they receive a fulfilled life in terms of academics. This day is a reflection of his love and fondness for kids.

Children’s day was celebrated on 20th November each year before 1964, a date recognised by the United Nations. After the demise of our beloved Chacha Nehru, his birth date was declared as Children’s day in India. Read more

Social media and mental health

“Don’t be a slave to technology – manage your phone don’t let it manage you”- Richard Branson
The rapid growth of social media over the last decade has established an entirely new medium for human interactions. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable people from every corner of the world to be connected 24*7. It is estimated that 3 billion people (approximately 1/3rd of the world population) currently use social media.
To paraphrase Spiderman – With such great influence and power comes great responsibility. Irresponsible and excessive use of social media leads to what is referred to by a wide variety of studies and experts as, social media addiction. It is currently estimated that social media addiction affects 5% of young adults and was recently described as potentially more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes.
This article aims to briefly describe how social media, if used irresponsibly, could affect mental well-being. Read more

Vatter Gozal – Nov 2021

Tadev: Dev Boro Dis dium Simao, Titiv.
Simao: Tukai dium Tadev Bab.
Tadev: Tujea hatant aslelea potrar kosli khobor ailea?
Simao: Bori khobor kainch nam. Dor disa kirmi, chorio, bolatkar, maramari. zhogddim ani zuzam. Vachunk porian vitt ieta.
Tadev: Halinchea disanim hem chodduch zalam nhoim?
Simao: Oi, anim hem vhaddot asa. Konnakuch bhirant mhonttleli nanch. Hea fuddem anink kitem pollounchem asa tem Devuch zannam.
Tadev:  Pulis aplem kam sarkem korinant?
Simao: Korinant oxem nhoim punn lokak bhirant lagonam kiteak chodxe pavtti oslea ghatkeank rokddech soddttat. Niaisobhent tankam zaminacher soddoitat. Read more