Bhirmute Proxnn

Dislem mhaka borovchem mhunn
Konn zanna- kitem-i tori
Ghetlem pen, laglem borovunk
Kitlea proxnacheo, zapo sodunk.
Proxnn – khup gombir te
Zann konn sutave kortolo
Rat-dis tor yetach
Pavsache – bhirmute koxe.
Nachtat re, monant mhojea
Zann konn- kitloi vell
Hav-bhav zata bodol
Pollevunk dista- Bhurgeamcho khell.


-Rhea U. Bangalorkar

Believing is a Must

Before I knew You, Jesus
I would worry and I’d fret.
Each time bad news came my way.
I’d really get upset.
Now I try to analyze
The news that I receive;
I look beyond the surface
So I will not be deceived.
I have learned, dear Jesus,
At times I must bear pain.
I also know it won’t be long
Before You will explain.
I’m learning to accept what comes…
In You, alone, I trust,
For if I’m to be faithful…
Believing is a must!

– Melissa Fernandes (Ward 12)

Gonvlleacho Sondex – June 2021

Mogall firgozkaramno,
Fattleam disamnim konnem kednanch adim polleunk nam toslem polleunk pavlim. Kitlim sogott mornnam. Ani voita thoim moddim. Meloleam mon’xancheo kuddi lhasounk line korchi poddtali. Lhasounk lhakudd nam zaun ani moronn korunk marog poddta mhonn Uttar Pradesh ani Bihar lokan meloleo kuddi Ganga nhoimche dodder purleo. Tantuntleo zaiteo udkant vhavun gheleo. Hanga Aquem ganvant legun kitlo mhonn lok fattlea mhoineant morun ghelo. 15 disam modem hanvem 12 mornnam kelim.

Oslea vhoilea dekhaveant sogllem dukh ani roddnnem. Dista, roddun, roddun dolleantlim dukham soit sukhun ghelim mhonn. Oslea odruxttak konnuch nam zap ditolo ani zobabdari ghetolo. Zobabdari aslole monis lipun ravle. Thoddeanim guneanv dusreancher ghatle. Zobabdari asloleanim hem odruxtt porjecher magun ghetlem. Read more

Editorial – June 2021

The entire world has been changed overnight by the invisible and life – threatening Covid – 19: The people were carefree but are now in the grip of a fear psychosis. Many families have been shattered even to the extent of losing more than one family member at a time. We are all worried about how to keep our family and ourselves safe and immune to the virus which has literally brought the whole world to its knees.

India dropped its guard at the vital moment allowing melas, elections and mass rallies. Mass gatherings went on unabated leading to community infections to such an extent that today India has the dubious distinction of topping the list of infected countries with maximum infections. Read more

Lesson from Prophet Jonah

Jonah is the name given in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh/Old Testament) to a prophet of the northern kingdom of Israel in about the 8th century BCE. The name “Jonah” means “dove” in Hebrew, but Jonah’s character is anything but dove-like. He was chosen by God to bring about moral peace in Nineveh (Nineveh is the capital of Assyria, who destroyed the ten tribes of Israel, 721BC). In this book we see that Jonah does not like pagans and if God saves them, Jonah does not feel like paying the price for it, for he was a Jew. How are we to understand that God saves everyone if, at the same time, he repeats throughout the Bible that Israel alone was chosen, that it alone has the word of life, it alone has the  savior, that all that God demands (circumcision, or later baptism, or Eucharist, or sexual prohibition) is absolutely necessary in the order to be saved? Was Jonah really to take up this mission of  God? In this article we will not go through the pages of the book of Jonah but we will see some implications for our life and for our society.

Read more

Sacred Heart of Jesus &  Immaculate Heart of Mary

Two beautiful heart warming feasts follow each other in the month of June bringing before us the flavour of love & purity. They are the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus followed next day by the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The pictures we have at home on the altar depict the heart of Jesus & of Mary with a flame symbolising burning love

Let us turn our gaze on the Immaculate Heart of Mary burning with love, a sword piercing her heart. The sword pierced Her Heart many times, yet She kept Her heart pure & Immaculate. She had to work on it.

Mother Mary was known to be praying when Angel Gabriel appeared to her at the annunciation. She knew the scriptures hence her prompt answer “be it done unto Me….”She only knew that Jesus was the son of God. She lived Her life in that belief. She carried Herself in the constant awareness that the one in Her womb was the son of God. Her habit that we too can cultivate when we receive Jesus in Holy Communion!! That we are carrying the son of God. Mother Mary’s simplicity & humility gave Her poise & Read more

Health , A wholistic approach

2020 has been a very difficult year for most of us. And I can definitely say with complete confidence that 2021 will end up the same way considering the situation in the world right now. Home isolation has had its plus points . Mom managed to successfully improve her cooking skills and all of us blew up like balloons!!!! Not that its a bad thing but I’ve noticed that our concern towards our Health has significantly deteriorated.

Now what do I mean by health? According to Google search health Is a state of physical , mental and social well being. But when I sat down and really thought about it I realised that I can only call myself a healthy human being if I can manage to survive a global Pandemic like the one we are currently facing. Why do I say this? Working in the medical field I see patients everyday. And most of them have horrible health. Diabetes, high pressure, alcoholic liver are the main problems seen in most Goans. And guess what? The simplest and most inexpensive cure to most of these medical conditions is, EXERCISE !!!! Read more

Vatter Gozal

Tadev: Dev boro dis dium, Simao titiv, Itle sokallim tum khoim vetai?

Simao: Dev tuka kurpa dium, Tadev. Hea disanim, ho ‘Lockdown’ vo ‘Curfew’ asa nhoim, taka lagon sokallim vochun dud ani vortoman-potr haddunk bhair sorlam.

Tadev: Titiv, tum ghora voch, tujem dud ani potr hanv haddun ditam, mhaka tor dusreo anikui vostu haddunk zai. Hanvem tuka kitlech pavtti sanglam, tuji kosli goroz asa ti mhaka fon korun sangunk.

Simao: Tuka chodd Dev borem korum tadev, Tum mhaka zaito adaracho zala. Fon korunk vaitt distalem, dekun hanv bhair sorlom. Read more

St. Anthony of Padua

The Church all throughout the year celebrates the feast of saints so that we could imitate the virtues of the saint and become one. The month of June is known for the famous saint, The Saint Anthony of Padua. Everyone in Goa knows this wonderful Saint because of his miraculous nature especially when we lose something, we first remember St. Anthony.

St. Anthony of Padua was born Ferdinand Martin Bouillon on 15th August in Portugal. At the age of 15 he decided to become a Canon Regular of Saint Augustine. Seeking a life of solitude and devotion. Inspired by the Franciscans martyrs, Ferdinand obtained permission from his Augustinian superiors to leave the Canons Regular & joined the Franciscans in the year 1220, and took the name Anthony. Read more

Sondex – May 2021

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Hi Inglez mhonn’nni zaitea kallachi. Ti aiz pasun khori asa. Dor monis vavr korta taka sogllo vell vavr korit ravunk zainam. Nam mhonn tem mon’xak borem. Tea pasot vavr kelea uprant thoddo tori vell visov gheunk zai vo ani kitem mon’xachem mon xant korpa sarkehm korunk zai. Hi adli mhonn’nni vaddleleank mhonnloli, punn ti atam chodd korun bhurgeank sor kel’li amkam mellta. Bhurgem sogllo vell aplim pustokam gheun xikunk bosta zalear tachean tem bhes borem korunk zainam. Thoddo tori vell khellun sarunk goroz.  Kitem tori dusrem ani vegllem korunk zai. Tednanch ki uprant bhurgeachean anik ek pavtt aplim pustokam gheun odik borem xikunk zata. Heach pasot xallent disak chear-chear periods zatoch interval asta. Ti-tin mhoineani xallent sutteo asta. Oxem zalem mhonntoch bhurgeank xikxonn korunk odik nett mellta. Read more