Mogall Firgozkaramno,

COVID-19 piddek lagun sogllem bodlunk laglear Marsache 22ver sarkhem ek voros zalem. Hea vorsa bhitor soglle torechem vaitt-borem soglleanim onnbhovlem. Konn girest zalo, zalear konn bhikek pavlo. Konn dukhant poddlo zalear bhov thoddo konn kuxal zalo. Konn konn apleam ghorcheam koddlo pois urlo ani doxim zalo. Konn pois ghelolo to thoinch urlo. Hantunt modem kitlo dubhav ani bhirant gheun akhem voros sarlem. Read more

Editorial – April 2021

The young and the old have faced it. A phase full of fear and anxiety. An experience for a lifetime. Twelve months of uncertainties and dreadful feelings even to the extent of losing your dear and loved ones. The crazy and anxious moments thrust upon us by the dreadful COVID -19 will leave some memories for a long, long time. The virus had a sour start in March 2020, leading to chaos and the subsequent lockdowns. Yes, we have all gone through it for over a year but it appears that things are now settling down, at least in our very own state of Goa. Let us hope and pray that the worst will be a thing of the past bringing relief to one and all, at the earliest. Read more

Vatter gozal

Tadev: Simao Titiv, Dev Boro dis dium. Aiz tuka Misak hanvem pollounk nam. Kitem zalem tor?

Simao: Baba Tadev, Tukai Dev boro dis dium. Aiz hanv poilea Misak ghelolom. Hea disamnim ghormi chodd zalea nhoim, taka lagun vot chodd zaunche adim hanv ghora pavlom.

Tadev: Prachit Kallache dis anim soglim sompeponnam asunuim, kitlinch amchim bhavam – bhoinnam Misak pasun dixtti poddonant. Read more

Diocesan Seminaries & Convents

The Fourth Sunday of Easter (25th April) is dedicated to our Diocesan Seminaries by our Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. Seminary is an institution for the training of the candidates for priesthood. The Diocesan Seminaries directly come under the care of the Bishop of the Arch-diocese or Diocese. Through this article I wish to make you aware of the seminaries of our Arch-Diocese of Goa and Daman.


The Seminary of Our Lady, aims at the all-round development of young seminarians by living unto the motto “seeking the things that are of above”. The Seminary helps the seminarians to nurture their priestly vocation by imbibing different values so that they become good priests. Read more

Passion of Christ – (A view from the top)

We have approached the end of the Lenten Season. With our daily practices of prayer, fasting, abstinence, almsgiving, stations of the cross and listening to the word of God (maybe online) there is sense of being enfolded in the sufferings of Jesus, which He undertook in obedience to His Father. God so loved us that He sent His ONLY begotten son to deliver us from sin and a life of everlasting torment, to live a life of holiness and enter His kingdom to a life of bliss for all eternity.

Over the years we have got accustomed to work with Jesus and Mary through the 14 stations of cruelty and brutality. Today I would like to share my meditation and invite you to view the passion of Jesus as it were from above i.e through the eyes of our loving father along with the Prophets of old, all the Angels and Saints. Read more


“I am healed in the name of Jesus… He is a miracle worker”

On 20th May 2006, I was operated for solitary thyroid nodule in Goa and the sample was sent for biopsy. The test report came as cancer of thyroid (malignant). I was thus advised to operate the other side of the neck to remove the second nodule.

For the second operation, it was suggested by another doctor that I go to either Manipal or Bombay. I chose to go to Manipal as I was asked to operate within a month from the first operation. There I was told that I might lose my vocal cord as the wound was raw (not healed.) But my Jesus was there with me and my operation was successful. The doctor had given hope and I was under medication. Read more

Anaesthesiology-An overview

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Prior to the discovery of anaesthesia in the 19th century surgery was looked upon as a last and desperate resort. Conscious and without pain relief, it was beset with unimaginable terror, unspeakable agony and unmitigated risk. The experience and emotions of a patient undergoing surgery before the discovery of anaesthesia was perhaps best captured by the vivid description of Fanny Burley an English novelist who underwent surgery in the early 18th century.

“When the dreadful steel plunged into my chest, I needed no injunctions not to restrain my cries. I began a scream that lasted unintermittently during the whole time of the incision, so excruciating was the agony, I then felt knife scraping the bone”. Read more

Retire Young to Live Better

It looked like any other retirement party at the office. Only it wasn’t. Robert, or Rob to his colleagues, was only 40 years old!

Robert had been working for a large IT company for the past eight years. Throughout his tenure, he scaled meteoric growth and won several promotions to become the Vice President of the Service Delivery function. His colleagues and superiors were equally perplexed at Robert’s decision to put down his papers, once and for all.

“Are you kidding? Robert, you have been performing so well, there’s much to achieve. Also, you are so young! Why do you want to waste your life, and how will you survive without a regular income?” Read more


Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Hea 2021 vorsan amkam sobar avhanam haddleant. Tim sangpak ani mezpak fursot soit nam. Dor disa ami ek novem jivit jietat kai dista. Novem/dusrem jivit (second life) mellop mhollear ek vhodd bhag. Punn tem koxem jieunchem tantunt vhoddponn asa.

Ek pautt pausant ek render maddar choddttalo. Vhoir chodda astanam tacho hat nisorlo ani to render vhoir thaun sokla poddlo. Punn tachea borea noxiban to vattoulo. Dusri vost zali ti hi. To poddlo mhonn bhielo ani maddar choddpacho vavr tannem tea disa thaun soddlo. To anik maddar kednanch porot choddlo nam. Read more