Christmas Virtual Competition 2020

This Christmas let us celebrate in a different way. We are organizing various virtual competitions. Let us take part in these competitions and feel the joy of Christmas.

Please note:

  • The following activities are only for the resident Parishioners of St. Sebastian Church, Aquem-Alto.
  • Submit your photos and videos by 24th December 2020, along with your name, age and ward on our email
  • Prizes will be awarded to the best entries.

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Sondex – Dec 2020

Mogall Firgokaramno,

Boney M hea zomeachem ek adlem Inglez kantar tumi aikolam astelem. Tem Stotr 137 hacher tharailolem asa. Tacheo poileo don volli oxeo asa,

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yeah, we wept, when we remembered Zion.”

Hebrew lok apleacher porko raza Nabuchadnezzor raj choloita ani apleak Babylon-ient nirvaxi korun vhel’le kodden Dev ani Dev-mondir naslele kodden aplim khebaddan korunk Jerusaleantlim (Zion) kuxal bhokti gaionam korunk sangta dekhun khub dukhi zaun Stotr 137 hea voilea gaionant mellta. Tea nixttur Nebuchadnezzar razan Hebrew lokak khub dukhoilim. Tankam Dev nam kelo ani devosponnui nam kelem. Nimannem vhoddponn tanchem devmondir aslem tem legun tanche koddlem kaddun vhelem. Read more

Pormoll Editorial Dec 2020

The prevailing conditions did not permit us to print our beloved magazine for the past few months. But with God’s grace, we are happy to be back. What better time to lay it in your hands, than to be celebrating the 21st Anniversary Issue? Yes my dear friends, December 1999, saw the birth of PORMOLL. I have vivid memories of that unfolding event. Read more


Dear Parishioners of St. Sebastian Church – Aquem,

I am really happy and glad to know that your parish magazine “PORMOLL” is completing 21 successful years. With its first issue released in December 1999, it seemed just like yesterday that we had started “PORMOLL” and today it completes so many years of successful publication.

When I had first initiated the issuance of this magazine, the whole intention was to be able to reach out to all the parishioners and communicate effectively. This was especially a beneficial instrument of communication during the fulfillment of many milestones for the parish including building one of Asia’ finest cemetery, amicable settlement of tenants which helped retain church assets, building of the new modern art church and setting up of the first ICSE school in Aquem. Read more


Mogall sompadpea,

Sogllea Aquem-chea firgozkarank maye-mogan noman kortam.

‘PORMOLL’ hea tumchea firgoz-potrak onumchea vorsak 21 vorsam bhortat mhonn amkam chodd khuxalkai bhogta. Ek firgoz-potr suru korunk sompem, punn vella-vellar tem uzvaddak haddop hem ek mott’ttem avahan. Ani tumi umedin ani mogan ho vavr fuddem vhortat dekhun sogllea Sompadpi Mondollak amchim hun-hunit porbim. Read more


All of us are entitled to our own ingenuity and creativity. But how authentic are our potentials if we are not provided with proper ambience and opportunities? Activities like Church bulletins surely help to assimilate the best that the Church can offer us as well as the best that we as parishioners can offer to the Church spreading fragrance like a stunning rose. By all means, ‘PORMOLL’ has been providential and thought provoking instrument in offering the parishioners as well as others ample chances to challenge our own potential and to hone our personal skills, in order to connect to our own self, to our parishioners and to the Church, making us more viable and ardent witnesses of Christ. I am reminded of the very beautiful message from our Holy Father Pope Francis “Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruit; the sun does not shine on itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. We are all born to help each other. No matter how difficult it is…Life is good when you are happy; but much better when others are happy because of you.” Read more

Born to witness Christ… Through His Works of Redemption.

The sublime purpose of the birth of Jesus was the Redemption of humanity. Our Saviour bore the penalty of the sins of all mankind on the Cross so that those who believe in Him would be reunited with God the Father. Many describe this Redemption as the Divine Exchange which provided mankind with the gift of Salvation.

And so now, redeemed as we are, what is our response to this ultimate gift of heaven? Read more

St. Francis Xavier- Patron of the Missions

One of the greatest Catholic legends of the 15th century is a Spanish missionary called Francis Xavier.

He along with Ignatius of Loyola co – founded the Society of Jesus (SJ), and under his tutelage and leadership was one of the first seven Jesuits to take pledge of Chastity and Poverty in Paris under the leadership of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Francis was the first foreign missionary to visit India on the order of the then Pope and was instrumental for the rise and spread of the Roman Catholic faith in India. Read more