Sondex – Feb & Mar 2024

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Elon Musk hachi zaiti bore dekhichi ani teach borobor vaitt moriadichi khobor tumi vachlea asteli. Tantuntlem tachem ek ekdom borem mhollear to ‘risk gheunk sodanch fuddem’. To ikmotin ekdom huxear. Tannem University-k vochunk suru kelem. Punn thoddeam disanim University soddun ghora ravlo. Ghora ravun aplem xikop kelem ani thoddeam mhoinea bhitor exam diun ekdom bore toren pass zalo. Tannem kitleoch company suru keleo. Suru korun samkeo vhoir pavoileo ani dusreank vikleo. Porot tannem anik kitem novem suru kelem. He baxen to noveo-noveo vostu sodun kaddit asa. Oxem korun ek mhonn’nni sarkhi disun ieta, “Fortune favours the brave”. Read more

Editorial – Feb & Mar 2024

The New Year 2024 was ushered in with all new hopes and aspirations and not forgetting new resolutions from the young and old. Our expectations for a happy and peaceful life were dented from the very first day itself with a series of tragic and mysterious happenings all around us, making us wonder, if it is like back to square one. The men in uniform, arresting a Christian Pastor, on frivolous charges of indulging in convertions, unbelievable news of a dead and buried man walking home after a couple of months, the chilling news of a mother killing her four year old son in an apartment and packing the body in a suitcase, a husband drowning his wife at a beach, several fatal road accidents with young lives being snuffed out, well the list goes on and on and we are only in the first month of the year. We all long for peace and happiness but the events as above keep unfolding with no respite. We also know that we can’t change the ocean or the weather, no matter how hard you try, so it is best to learn how to sail in all conditions, having trust in God for an answer to all our worries and cares. With all the uncertainties, when you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love. Remember, our life is God’s gift to us and what we do with it is our gift to God. Read more

The Holy Week

The Holy Week, also known as ‘Semana Santa’, is a significant event in the Christian calendar that commemorates the final week of Jesus Christ’s life, including His crucifixion and resurrection. Observed by millions of believers worldwide, the Holy Week is a time for reflection, repentance, and devotion. The Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, which symbolizes Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. In many churches, worshippers wave palm branches to commemorate the event and re-enact the praises bestowed upon Jesus by His followers.

Maundy Thursday, another important day during the Holy Week, marks the Last Supper, where Jesus shared a meal with His disciples. This occasion also includes the foot washing ceremony, which signifies humility and servant leadership. Many Christians gather for Holy Communion, re-enacting Jesus’ act of sharing bread and wine with His disciples. Read more

Bold Witness To The Truth – St. Sebastian

Do you care about truth?

I’m sure mostly everyone would say yes to that question. But, unfortunately, a lot of us aren’t being honest with our answer. If we really cared about the truth, we would not close our eyes and ears when confronted with reality. Many of us take what we see at face value, failing to investigate claims that go against our world view. We believe those who are closest to us without investigating if there could be another possibility — even when presented with evidence.

Truth is not belief. You can believe you are correct, but when it comes to proving your claims, facts matter. And there are no “alternative facts.” St. Sebastian is still relevant today because of his quest to find and defend the truth.  The time he understood he was a Christian there was no looking back. Read more

The Season of Lent


After the Feast of Christmas, one of the most popular days of the year for us Catholics to attend Mass, is Ash Wednesday. It is the first day of the Season of Lent. It is also a puzzling day of the year. We do things which are strange to non-Christians. We attend Mass in large numbers and we have ashes imposed on our forehead in the shape of a cross.

Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter. It is the day when one needs to realize that there is something with me; I need to change. This awareness comes with a need to repent; a sense of shame that I have done something wrong; that there is something good in me that is not being honoured. Ash Wednesday is the day when I look into my heart and say, “there is something wrong with my heart – I am not supposed to be like this”. Read more

St. Joseph

St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, is an important figure in the Christian tradition. Although not much is known about him from the biblical accounts, his role in the life of Jesus and his devotion to God have made him a revered and beloved saint for millions of Christians around the world. According to the Gospels, Joseph was a carpenter from the town of Nazareth. He was betrothed to Mary when, one day, she revealed to him that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and that her child would be the Son of God. Initially, Joseph was troubled by this news, but an angel appeared to him in a dream, affirming Mary’s innocence and instructing Joseph to take her as his wife. Read more

Eucharist – The Source and Summit of Christian Life

We believe that the Eucharist is the ‘Source and Summit of the Christian Life ‘in that the Eucharist is the culmination of God’s saving actions in Jesus Christ and of our worship and union with Him who leads us to the Father in the Power of the Holy Spirit. The word ‘Eucharist’ comes from the Greek word ‘Eucharistein’ meaning Thanksgiving. Jesus gave thanks at the Last Supper, at which He instituted the Eucharistic Sacrifice of His Body and Blood that perpetuates and continues His Sacrifice on the Cross, through the ages. Read more

Our Lady of Lourdes: A Symbol of Faith and Healing

The story of Our Lady of Lourdes revolves around a young peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous, who, in 1858, experienced apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the town of Lourdes, France. These apparitions occurred a total of 18 times, with the Virgin Mary revealing herself as the Immaculate Conception.

During one of these encounters, Our Lady directed Bernadette to dig a spring, which later became known for its purported healing properties. The faithful and the afflicted began visiting this site, seeking solace, healing, and spiritual guidance. Over time, numerous miraculous healings were reported by those who bathed in or drank the waters of the spring, leading to Lourdes becoming a pilgrimage site for millions seeking physical and spiritual healing. Read more

Role of Saliva In Oral Health

Saliva, a thick, colourless, opalescent fluid that is constantly present in the mouth is composed of mainly water, proteins, mucous, minerals, salts and enzymes.

Saliva is produced by three major glands i.e. the parotid, the sub – mandibular gland and the sub-lingual. And a few other minor salivary glands.

Our saliva is basically protective in nature. It exerts a major influence on tartar formation by mechanically cleaning all exposed oral surfaces. It buffers acids produced by bacteria and controls bacterial activity. Saliva contains numerous antibacterial factors and antibodies. Read more

Day of Consecrated Life

God enters the temple not as a powerful ruler but as a little child in his Mother’s arms. The King of glory comes not with a show of human force and power, not with a great fanfare and noise, not causing fright and destruction. He comes into the temple as he came into the world, as an infant in silence, in poverty, and in the company of the poor and the wise.” – Pope John Paul II

On February 2, we observe the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, honouring Jesus Christ’s presentation in the Temple when He was a young child. Jesus’ presentation in the Temple reflects how He  fulfills the Old Covenant. According to Old Testament law, a sacrifice had to be offered in the Temple when a child was consecrated to the Lord. Mary and Joseph  honour this tradition, as described in Luke 2:22-24 Read more