The younger generation is a major force in the world today. Youth is a phase in one’s life wherein we quest for identity and meaning, for belonging and for achievement. It’s a journey of intense discovery of oneself and one’s qualities and capabilities. The Aquem parish youth was initially formed under the guidance of Fr. Leslie Mac Farlaine and was later formally established by late Fr. Martin Baretto. The youth are still actively functioning and blossoming presently under the guidance of our parish priest.
The Aquem Parish youth believe in

The youth of Aquem comprises of members who are dedicated and are the driving force in achieving the best of the best. They have actively participated in number of competitions and have brought home many Laurels. All the competitions in which the youth participated have given them the opportunity to exhibit their various ideas and talents. Apart from participating in competitions the Aquem Youth also organizes events, which helps them to know each other and at the same time realize the talents within them. In order to grow spiritually the Youth members attend seminars and retreats, and organize a picnic to celebrate in the success that they have achieved through out the year.