St. Sebastian Church Clergy

The St. Sebastian chapel was established in the early forties. Rev. Fr. Roque Elias Dias, who was The Curate in Navelim Church, was appointed as the first resident Chaplain. Literally starting from scratch, Fr. Dias single-handedly fought against all odds and was instrumental in expanding the small Chapel and building the Chaplain’s residence along with the one storied building, which now houses our library, a School and many other shops. He was the Chaplain for a record 43 years and finally retired in 1983 for a well –deserved rest. Sadly, after a couple of years, a brief illness led him to his heavenly abode. Rev. Fr. Vasco Dias who replaced him, was in the saddle for only a year and was transferred at his own request. Due to his failing health, he has now retired and is being cared for by his relatives at Majorda. Rev. Fr. Jose Vaz, who took over in 1984, was very enthusiastic and hard working, but ill-health did not permit him to achieve as much as he would have wanted to. He boldly held the reigns for four years until he was replaced by Rev. Fr. Leslie Macfarlane in June 1988. A few years later he died peacefully at his native place, Varca. Immediately after taking over, Rev. Fr. Leslie renovated the Chapel and the St. Sebastian Chapel Complex came into existence. Incidentally, this is one of the major sources of income for our Chapel. Although he had more plans for Aquem, he ran out of time as he had already completed his term and was transferred in June ’98. He then served the Our Lady of Rosary Church, Navelim till he was called to his Eternal rest. . Rev Fr. Agnelo Martinho Barreto, a young, dynamic and charismatic priest took over from Rev. Fr. Leslie. He worked hard for the betterment of the Aquem community, but we were not destined to have him for long as God had other plans. He met with an accident and was taken away from us on the 24th February 1999. Rev. Fr. James Torres e Silva took charge as a chaplain in June 1999. with the moto “For the glory of God and service to one another, let us come together” on 03rd November 2002, He renowned St. Sebastian Chapel (Punnddam Kopel), Aquem-Margao and elevated to the status of a full-fledged Church. From then on, conscious of and faithful to the motto, Fr. James dedicatedly moved ahead.With full faith in God, and the whole-hearted help and support from one and all, He succeed in accomplishing our first dream of building our Parish Cemetery costing about 80 lakhs rupees. This beautiful and magnificent structure stands testimony to the belief that it could well be one of the very best in Asia. Indeed, it has been receiving accolades from all and sundry, since its inauguration on 21st May 2006. After completion of this project he never looked back but moved ahead to build the church and got it completed by Feb 2009. After serving the parish for 11 years he was transferred to Gurdian Angel, Church , Curchorem in the month of June, 2010. Rev. Fr. Ligorino Dacosta has taken over since June 2010 under his dynamic leadership, a lot of changes have come to the parish. Rev Fr. John Coelho joined in as a Asst. Parish Priest from June 2011.

Our sacristans have also played a decisive role in shaping the destiny of our Chapel. Mr. Piedade Cardozo of Vidyanagar, Borda was the first Sacristan to be appointed by Rev. Fr. Elias Dias. Next to follow was Mr. Bernardo Dias from Davorlim who made way for Mr. Rafael Gomes, also from Davorlim, who is now settled in Germany. Replacing him, was our present Sacristan Mr. Domingos Colaco who has been in service for a record number of years. He has the unique distinction of having served all the Chaplains of our Chapel.