Daily Mass Readers

March 2020
1st Sunday
2nd Monday 6:45am Louella Dias
3rd Tuesday 6:45am Bosco D’Costa
4th Wednesday 6:45am Antonette Fernandes
5th Thursday 6:45am Rohit Ferrao
6th Friday 6:45am Lucy Da Costa
6:00pm Julie Baptista
8th Sunday 6:45am Natty Seixas
9th Monday
9th Monday 6:45am Gladys D’Silva
10th Tuesday 6:45am Calandra Gomes
11th Wednesday 6:45am Rainah Gomes
12th Thursday 6:45am Saloni Fernandes
13th Friday 6:45am Luiza D’Costa
6:00pm Jeanivie D’Costa
14th Saturday 6:45am Felix Dias
15th Sunday
16th Monday 6:45am Valantina Fernandes
17th Tuesday 6:45am Irene Antao
18th Wednesday 6:45am Diana Fernandes
19th Thursday 6:45am Philomena Pires
20th Friday 6:45am Theresa Dias
6:00pm Indira Colaco
21st Saturday 6:45am Sarita Fernandes
22nd Sunday
23rd Monday 6:45am Gracy D’Costa
24th Tuesday 6:45am Sloma Fernandes
25th Wednesday 6:45am Irene Antao
26th Thursday 6:45am Tanya Cardozo
27th Friday 6:45am Melissa D’Cunha
6:00pm Cidalia Dias
28th Saturday 6:45am Snowvia Baptista
29th Sunday
30th Monday 6:45am Philo Dias
31st Tuesday 6:45am Estella Fernandes

During the Lenten season, every Friday at 6:00 pm there will be a way of the cross followed by Mass