Liturgical Committee

Mass and daily life are not two different compartments in life but they are a celebration of God’s life entering into our lives. Mass is the devotional point of our Christian life. The mass has to give a faith flavour to all our life activities and life activities should be celebrated in mass. To keep these views in mind as well as for better and effective participation of parishioners in Sunday mass. the liturgical committee has been formed. This has been done in an effort to make mass more meaningful. This community has also been formed to encourage the parishioners in participating during festive occasions.
The members of the liturgical committee representing the five sectors meet once a month or as and when required under the guidance of the parish priest. The liturgy is then planned in detail, that is:
The introduction The penential rite Gospel reading Prayers of the faithful Offertory Thanks giving prayer Hymns to be sung for the mass
This committee works in oneness of heart and mind and helps the parish to be a vibrant community of love and service.