SONDEX – April 2024

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Roman Poet Virgil oxem mhonnta, “All our sweetest hours fly fastest” punn dukhacheo ghoddneo soron soronam. Korezmacho challis disancho dukhacho ani koxttancho kall soron soronam oxem zaiteank zalem astelem. Punn atam dukh sorun kuxalkaiecho ani zoitacho Paskancho kall suru zalo. Jezu morun punorjivont zalo.
“Hanvem tumkam kelam toxench tumi-i korat” Jn.13/15. Him Jezuchim nimannea jevnnar paim dutanam udgarlolim utram polloum-ia. Jezuchea bovxik vavrant Tannem zaitem borem kelem, borem xikoilem, pekovnni dili, jivit dilem, jevonn dilem, pivonn dilem, bogsonnem dilem, buzvonn dili, sangat dilo, adhar ani dhir dilo. Dusrea utramnim mell’loleank apli zata titli seva dili. Jezun Apnnem kelolea sogllea vavracho sonkxep (summary) koso Aplea nimannea jevnna velo uttun aplea xisanche paim dutanam aplea xisank sanglo. Read more

Editorial – April 2024

Recently, on 30th January, our Church successfully organised it’s 2nd edition of the singing competition,”Kantaram Lharam”. On that momentous day, it was a great honour for me to have been felicitated and given accolades and memento. I am truly obliged and humbled for this great honour and recognition of my services by our Parish. Unfortunately I could not express my feelings and gratitude during the course of the programme. Nonetheless, I am greatly honoured and I wish to express my deep gratefulness to our Parish Priest, Fr.Andrew Pereira and his Core-committee for felicitating me for my services rendered to our Parish, specially as the Editor of our Parish Bulletin, ‘PORMOLL’. Although music runs in our family, I was drafted to start singing in the then Chapel by my late brother, Cosme. He was instrumental in requesting our late Choir master, Mestre Paulo Da Costa, to train me to sing ‘Veronica’ song for our Santos Passos, when I was a small boy. I recollect those good old days when this late Choir master, who wanted perfection, insisted on me singing and practising by standing on a round table in his spacious sitting room. Thanks to him I became a regular Choir member and there was no looking back and of course now, the rest is history. Read more


St. Stanislaus was born in Szczepanów, Poland, in 1030. He was ordained a priest and later became the bishop of Kraków. He was known for his piety, humility, and dedication to serving the Church. St. Stanislaus was an outspoken critic of the King Bolesław II, who committed various acts of injustice and immorality. When the king refused to repent, the bishop excommunicated him. The feast day of St. Stanislaus is celebrated on April 11th. It is a significant day in Poland and is observed with processions, prayers, and special Masses. On this day, Catholics honor the memory of St. Stanislaus and seek his intercession for courage, righteousness, and guidance in their own lives. Read more

The significance of MAUNDY THURSDAY

Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter Sunday and is a part of the Holy Week. It holds great significance, a crucial place during the Holy Week which starts on Palm Sunday and comes to a climax on Easter Sunday.

On Maundy Thursday we remember and celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with His Twelve Apostles, when He established the Sacrament of Holy Communion and Holy Priesthood. The day is observed with great solemnity and reverence in churches worldwide, with special services. Read more

The Annunciation of the Lord


The Annunciation of the Lord is the biblical event in which the Archangel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will conceive a child through the power of the Holy Spirit. The actual date for this solemnity is 25th March, but because the actual date falls in the Holy Week, it will be celebrated on 8th April 2024, the Monday after the second Sunday of Easter. This solemnity or event carries significant messages for our lives: Read more

Saint Mark, the Evangelist

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
As it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you; he will prepare your way. A voice of one crying out in the desert: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.’” – Mark 1:1–4

On April 25th, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist. Although he was not a direct disciple of Jesus, Saint Mark is the author of one of the four Gospel accounts and played a vital role in spreading the Gospel as a missionary in the early church. Read more

Vatter Gozal


Tadev:  Dev boro dis dium, Simao Titiv. Aiz taktin khoim vochunk bhair sorlai?

Simao:  Dev tuka kurpa dium, Tadev.  Hanv Ponnje vetam, Azad moidonar dharna ani zomatint vantto gheunk.

Tadev:  Titiv, he gormeche dis ani oslea poristithint tum zomatik vetai? ani Kosli zomat ani dharna?

Simao: Hea disamnim tunvem aikonk nam? Ailelea disa kosli nam kosli zomat ani dharna zata ti? Ho chollvoll chaluch asa. Zaum ti udkak lagun, rosteak lagun, ‘Railway-k lagun, Kadamba-che kamdar aplea pagarak lagun, Vidhan Sobhent apleak zage rakun dovrunk, ‘ST’ bhavam-bhoinnachi chollvoll, “EVM” – motam ghalpachea iontrank lagun, ani zaitea ieram karannank lagun hem girgirem chaluch asa.    Read more

World Health Day

Health refers to a person’s overall well being – physical, mental and social. It is vital for a person’s functioning. It is not just the objective to live but the availability of resources to sustain our lives.
Health is the most important thing and we do not realize it until we lose it . It is said that health is life, But in today’s busy and stressed life, humans are not able to pay full attention to their health.
The world is faced with many challenges ; with the emergence of the Corona virus to even pre – existing ones such as malaria , diabetes , hypertension and other life threatening diseases due to irregular lifestyles. The hectic lifestyles and improper food habits have given rise to obesity , stress and heart problems.
World Health Day is an initiative by world health organization (WHO) which is celebrated on 7th of April to spread awareness about the ongoing health issues that concern people across the world. The day is also used as an opportunity to spread awareness about the overall health and well being of people. The idea is that every human being gets good health facilities at an affordable rate.
Millions of people around the world are prey to many terrible diseases . Hence, discussions and awareness on the topics like prevention and proper arrangement of the diseases etc. are also included as the main objective of health day. Read more

Kantaram Lharam – on news

St. Sebastian Church, Aquem’s ‘Kantaram Lharam’ creates buzz with solo and duet singing competition

Many things come and dis- appear. Also some things come and stay on but we have observed that very few things come and create an instant impact with strong life and long memories. One of such things or events is the “Kantaram Lharam”, a solo and duet singing competition organised by the St. Sebastian Church, Aquem.

In the initial year, this competition was held on 27th November 2022 and was organised by the Parish Pastoral council of the church, for parishioners from different parishes in and around Margao Deanery and a few other selected parishes. A lot of help and encouragement from the Priests in these parishes enabled the organisers to rope in around 50 contestants, out of which 22 for solo singing and 6 for duet singing, got through the audition round and qualified for the finals. The organizers, having no past experience in organising such an event, came out in flying colours earning accolades from a lot of people. In fact a concept of singing competition in our town was instantly created. Read more