Six sins against the Holy Spirit

When one is baptized, one receives the Holy Spirit and becomes a child of God. Through this sacrament one is initiated into the church. But later when one attains the age of discretion, the sacrament of confirmation is administered to him or her. It is believed that through confirmation one receives the Holy Spirit. As we grow up we all as humans sin or we accept the invitation of temptation so much so that we not only sin against God and humans but we also sin against the Holy Spirit which we have received at baptism and renewed or re-strengthened at confirmation. Read more

Ascension of Our Lord

It is true of any special event, that 40 days seems like ages, when one has to wait for that event to happen. In the intervening time preparations go on, finer details are seen to making that event extra special, then it seems as if 40 days have just gone by. This has been so for me, and may be you also during the Lenten season, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. But for us the intervening period has been grace filled with daily mass, sacrifices, fasting, abstinence, stations of the cross, sacrament of reconciliation and holy week services amidst restrictions and uncertainties. Finally even our homes have been blessed. Read more

Victorious Cross

Crucifix or cross is a symbol of Christianity and we are proud of this sign, to proclaim that we are Christians. Prior to the death of Jesus Christ, Cross was a sign of shame. One had to die on the cross as a punishment for the misdeeds. It was the ultimate punishment given to the criminals. The early Christians were taking the fish as a sign for Christ’s followers, to identify themselves in secret, because they were scared of the persecution. The fish symbol enabled them to recognize one another without the need of the verbal communication. Read more

Vatter gozal

Tadev:  Dev boro dis dium, Simao titiv. Tum koso asa ani paskanchi porob koxi zali?

Simao: Tuka-I dium, Tadev. Porob ekdom bori zali. Devache kurpen sogllem borem zalem ani hea vorsak lokak kariavollinim bhag gheunk soeg mell’llo. Amchea Iadnik bhavanim zaito tokos ghetlo.

Tadev: Oi, titiv, xabaski tankam kiteak soglle sorkarache nem kaide pallun amcheo firgojecheo dhormik seva amkam sompeponnim favo zaleo. Read more

May day

Over the years, 1st May has been bestowed upon with many honours. But the most notable are summarized below:

May 1 is also metonym for International Workers Day or Labour Day, a day of celebration of the working class in many countries. Behind it lies a history dating back over one-and-a-half centuries.
An interesting point to be noted, is that the industrial revolutions that took place largely in Europe and USA in the later part of the 19th century resulted in reducing the work hours from 12-15 per day to 8 hours per day. The highlight of this phase is the Haymarket Massacre – When labourers assembled at the Haymarket Square in Chicago on May 4, 1886 and took out a rally for 8 hr. work day, a bombing attack was mounted on them by some unknown forces. Read more

Getting Wise About Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom….. Specifically wisdom teeth. Our mouths go through many changes in our lifetime. One major dental milestone usually takes place between 17 to 21 years i.e .appearance of third molars. These are called wisdom teeth because they come through at a more mature age.

When they come through correctly, healthy wisdom teeth can help you chew and can be a valuable asset to the mouth.

It is normal to feel a little discomfort when wisdom teeth begin to erupt but if there is pain it’s best to see your dentist. Read more

The Rosary

Rosary is a prayer,
That we Christians pray
We will be safe from all danger,
If we say it every day.

Mother Mary intercedes to Jesus,
When we say the Rosary
She asks Him to protect us,
And help us live happily. Read more


Mogall Firgozkaramno,

COVID-19 piddek lagun sogllem bodlunk laglear Marsache 22ver sarkhem ek voros zalem. Hea vorsa bhitor soglle torechem vaitt-borem soglleanim onnbhovlem. Konn girest zalo, zalear konn bhikek pavlo. Konn dukhant poddlo zalear bhov thoddo konn kuxal zalo. Konn konn apleam ghorcheam koddlo pois urlo ani doxim zalo. Konn pois ghelolo to thoinch urlo. Hantunt modem kitlo dubhav ani bhirant gheun akhem voros sarlem. Read more

Editorial – April 2021

The young and the old have faced it. A phase full of fear and anxiety. An experience for a lifetime. Twelve months of uncertainties and dreadful feelings even to the extent of losing your dear and loved ones. The crazy and anxious moments thrust upon us by the dreadful COVID -19 will leave some memories for a long, long time. The virus had a sour start in March 2020, leading to chaos and the subsequent lockdowns. Yes, we have all gone through it for over a year but it appears that things are now settling down, at least in our very own state of Goa. Let us hope and pray that the worst will be a thing of the past bringing relief to one and all, at the earliest. Read more

Vatter gozal

Tadev: Simao Titiv, Dev Boro dis dium. Aiz tuka Misak hanvem pollounk nam. Kitem zalem tor?

Simao: Baba Tadev, Tukai Dev boro dis dium. Aiz hanv poilea Misak ghelolom. Hea disamnim ghormi chodd zalea nhoim, taka lagun vot chodd zaunche adim hanv ghora pavlom.

Tadev: Prachit Kallache dis anim soglim sompeponnam asunuim, kitlinch amchim bhavam – bhoinnam Misak pasun dixtti poddonant. Read more