Vatter gozal – July 2021

Tadev:  Simao Titiv, Dev Boro dis dium. Sokallim bhair sorun khoim vetai?

Simao:  Dev tuka kurpa dium, Tadev. Mhozo ek ixtt boro nam mhonn tachi khobor gheunk vetam. To zannteanchea ghorant asa.

Tadev:  Tachim ghorchim konnuch nant tor?

Simao:  Asat, punn tim soglim bhailea ganvanim aplo sonvsar choloitat.

Tadev: Bongom babddeachem, veginuch boro zalear puro Read more

Sacred Heart of Jesus &  Immaculate Heart of Mary

Two beautiful heart warming feasts follow each other in the month of June bringing before us the flavour of love & purity. They are the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus followed next day by the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The pictures we have at home on the altar depict the heart of Jesus & of Mary with a flame symbolising burning love

Let us turn our gaze on the Immaculate Heart of Mary burning with love, a sword piercing her heart. The sword pierced Her Heart many times, yet She kept Her heart pure & Immaculate. She had to work on it.

Mother Mary was known to be praying when Angel Gabriel appeared to her at the annunciation. She knew the scriptures hence her prompt answer “be it done unto Me….”She only knew that Jesus was the son of God. She lived Her life in that belief. She carried Herself in the constant awareness that the one in Her womb was the son of God. Her habit that we too can cultivate when we receive Jesus in Holy Communion!! That we are carrying the son of God. Mother Mary’s simplicity & humility gave Her poise & Read more

Easter Message from the Parish Priest

Dear Parishioners,
Time flies by so quickly. Since the beginning of Lent season on Ash Wednesday where we enthusiastically began with a long journey of 40 days of prayer and penance, little did we think that the situation would change so drastically, that we would almost live the biblical days of the Old Testament and slowly move on to the New Testament. On the night where the Hebrews would set out for freedom, they had their last meal. For the supper they would kill a lamb and smear the blood on their door posts. Whoever house the blood of the lamb was not put, that night the first born in the family would die. Even the mighty Pharaoh’s first born son was killed that night. The angel of death knew no preferences and differences. Read more

Benefits of Walking

Is it possible to walk your way to fitness? Sure it is – provided you walk daily, consistently and with proper technique.

Morning walk is better than evening walk, because the immediate benefits continue through the day and you get a load of vitamin D from the morning sun.

Regular, brisk walking has many benefits. Read more


We are all conscious of the fact that we cannot achieve anything without hope and confidence in oneself. Hope structures our future lives, with a positive frame of mind and also influences our present lives. This is a feeling that things will fall in place as per our expectations, constantly looking forward to the best positive results. Take for example the recent academic results of our very own students in schools and colleges. They attended their classes regularly and put in their efforts to study as per their individual capacities. With trust in God and in themselves, they answered their final exams. They never lost track of that feeling to achieve the expected results. Finally when the results were out their joy had no bounds. Their efforts get rewarded. Read more

Editorial – July 2019

As I browsed through some of my old messages, I came across one which instantly made me spend a minute to read it all over again. The opening sentence made me sit up and accept the reality of today’s modern world.
“With what is going on in the world these days, Heaven could end up a ghost town”…. thus goes the opening sentence, I am referring to. We all know the after effects of earthquakes, cyclones, floods, tsunamis. Even if we have not seen such calamities in person, videos, movies or pictures have made us shiver in fright, at times giving us no time to react. The fury of such disasters is such that villages and towns are completely destroyed and washed away with no trace of life, whether human or otherwise. Literally, with none around, the village or town transforms into a ghost village or ghost town. Read more


March has ended. We are in the midst of the season of Lent. Our minds are in a serious mode inclined towards prayer, fasting, almsgiving, listening attentively to sermons & homilies, attending Missions and Retreats that guide us to change our old ways. We truly have a hunger to be changed persons, both from inside and out. Read more