SONDEX – April 2024

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Roman Poet Virgil oxem mhonnta, “All our sweetest hours fly fastest” punn dukhacheo ghoddneo soron soronam. Korezmacho challis disancho dukhacho ani koxttancho kall soron soronam oxem zaiteank zalem astelem. Punn atam dukh sorun kuxalkaiecho ani zoitacho Paskancho kall suru zalo. Jezu morun punorjivont zalo.
“Hanvem tumkam kelam toxench tumi-i korat” Jn.13/15. Him Jezuchim nimannea jevnnar paim dutanam udgarlolim utram polloum-ia. Jezuchea bovxik vavrant Tannem zaitem borem kelem, borem xikoilem, pekovnni dili, jivit dilem, jevonn dilem, pivonn dilem, bogsonnem dilem, buzvonn dili, sangat dilo, adhar ani dhir dilo. Dusrea utramnim mell’loleank apli zata titli seva dili. Jezun Apnnem kelolea sogllea vavracho sonkxep (summary) koso Aplea nimannea jevnna velo uttun aplea xisanche paim dutanam aplea xisank sanglo. Read more

The Annunciation of the Lord


The Annunciation of the Lord is the biblical event in which the Archangel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will conceive a child through the power of the Holy Spirit. The actual date for this solemnity is 25th March, but because the actual date falls in the Holy Week, it will be celebrated on 8th April 2024, the Monday after the second Sunday of Easter. This solemnity or event carries significant messages for our lives: Read more

Kantaram Lharam – on news

St. Sebastian Church, Aquem’s ‘Kantaram Lharam’ creates buzz with solo and duet singing competition

Many things come and dis- appear. Also some things come and stay on but we have observed that very few things come and create an instant impact with strong life and long memories. One of such things or events is the “Kantaram Lharam”, a solo and duet singing competition organised by the St. Sebastian Church, Aquem.

In the initial year, this competition was held on 27th November 2022 and was organised by the Parish Pastoral council of the church, for parishioners from different parishes in and around Margao Deanery and a few other selected parishes. A lot of help and encouragement from the Priests in these parishes enabled the organisers to rope in around 50 contestants, out of which 22 for solo singing and 6 for duet singing, got through the audition round and qualified for the finals. The organizers, having no past experience in organising such an event, came out in flying colours earning accolades from a lot of people. In fact a concept of singing competition in our town was instantly created. Read more

Our Lady of Lourdes: A Symbol of Faith and Healing

The story of Our Lady of Lourdes revolves around a young peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous, who, in 1858, experienced apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the town of Lourdes, France. These apparitions occurred a total of 18 times, with the Virgin Mary revealing herself as the Immaculate Conception.

During one of these encounters, Our Lady directed Bernadette to dig a spring, which later became known for its purported healing properties. The faithful and the afflicted began visiting this site, seeking solace, healing, and spiritual guidance. Over time, numerous miraculous healings were reported by those who bathed in or drank the waters of the spring, leading to Lourdes becoming a pilgrimage site for millions seeking physical and spiritual healing. Read more

Sondex – November 2023

Mogall Firgozkaramno,

Hea Novembr-achea mhoineant tapman (weather) bodolta. Thonddi vaddta. Tednam zaiteam zaddamchim panam holdduvim zaun sobit distat. Uprant tim piktat ani sokla poddtat. Tachea uprant thoddeam mhoinea bhitor tech khandiek noveo kombreo futt’tat ani novim hirvim panam zatat. Hem soimbant oxem vorsa vorsa zait ravta. Ek pan dusrea panak suvat korta.

Monxeamchea jivitant oxench zaitea torenim ghoddta. Novembr-ache 2rer soglleam meloleancho ugddas kortat. Odik korun konna pasot magnneachi goroz asa punn tache pasot Deva lagim magtolo konn nam tanche pasot ugddas korun odik magtat. Zolmololo ek-ek monis morta ani dusreak zolmunk suvat korta. Morchem vo nam morchem tem amchea hatant nam. Soglleanim morchench poddta. Dusreak zago korun diunchoch poddta. Read more

Mother’s Day Celebration

On 10th September 2023, we witnessed a large gathering of parishioners, both for the Liturgical Celebration, by the catechists and the short but entertaining programme, lovingly organized by the catechists with the students from all catechism classes. 

‘A Mother’s Love is forever.’ 

After the children’s mass the programme which was organised in the old Chapel, witnessed a packed audience of mothers, children, grandparents and fathers too at 10:15 am. The welcome song and dance by the pre-communion children, struck a chord for every mother, present, as the children voiced their gratitude through the song and then tapped their feet to the rhythmic dance of the little ones.  Read more

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa was a citizen of the whole world because she genuinely aspired to help people everywhere.  She was a role model of Charity, Compassion, Holiness and Selfless Service. 

Mother Teresa felt that her fight would have to be against poverty, disease and ignorance. She started to serve poor and helpless people. In 1948, Mother Teresa felt compelled to leave the convent. She devoted herself exclusively to working with the poor in the slums of Calcutta. Mother Teresa went regularly with food and medicine and started teaching the slum children. Mother Teresa replaced her traditional Loreto habit with a simple white cotton sari decorated with a blur line when she started venturing in the slums.  Read more

Gonvlleacho Sondex – April 2023

Mogall Firgozkaramno,
Prachit ani Paskancho kall amkam Devachea zaitea boreponnacho ugddas korta ani niallunk adhar dita. Zaiteam borea vostum modem amkam borim mon’xam zaunk vo amcho sobhav odik boro vo bhagevont korunk (change our attitude) usko korta.
Jezu, ballok koso zolmolo tednam soglle osoktaien bhorlolo koso dislo. Jezu vaddlo tednam ek okhondd dadlo koso dislo. Koxttancho vavr korpi. Hanga thoim sodd-soddit vochpi. Bhovxik vavr (public ministry) kortanam sogllo kalljidar ani podvedar mhonn dixtti poddlo. Konnak bhiena zalo, nam mhonn vatavoronnak, soimbak vo Judevank nam mhonn dhorm-xastriank. Oso Jezucho akar bodlot ghelo. Sogllo podvedar mhonn lokak pollounk mell’lo. Read more

Report of the Bible Quiz Competition

Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of God (St. Jerome)

On 30th October 2022, St. Sebastian Catechetical Association organised ‘Bible Quiz’ for the students of Panchvem, Sovem and Satvem Pustok on the Gospel of Mark, Pastoral Letter and General Knowledge of the Bible. Each class had 3 students participating for the Quiz who were selected based on a Preliminary round which was conducted 2 weeks prior. Fr. Leslie was the Quiz-Master for the day. Tr. Savion helped in making the Power-Point Presentation. The students did very well. The general audience were also made part of the quiz through the spot bible quiz. There was a very good response from the audience too. The parents too were very supportive. Read more