An Erroneous Statement

Sometimes we are told, “The Church means, ‘the Body of faithful Christians’ (Refer 1 Corn. 11: 18 and verse 22) It is not the Building”. (Not from our Parish Priest or Asst. Parish Priest)

In the above given two statements, don’t you think, the first has validity while the second is invalid? Therefore, objectionable to God? 

The invalid statement needs to be replaced by the following statement. “The Building is also a Church, because, Jesus Christ is present in the Blessed Sacrament”. Don’t you think, the Announced Presence of Jesus makes the place, building, also holy? An indirect reference is the ‘burning bush’  ” – – – – the place you are standing is holy ground “. Exodus.3: 5.

Let us be very cautious not to add to God’s words (Proverbs 30: 6 )or, to reject what is prevalent.

Marceline Rebello