Epiphany, in the Western church, is celebrated on January 6, completing the 12 days of Christmas. Traditionally Epiphany marks the visit of the Magi recorded in Matthew 2:1–12. (In the Eastern church, Epiphany is also an observance of the Baptism of Jesus and the revelation of the Trinity.) The wise men—Gentiles from another culture—recognized Jesus’ kingship and bowed before Him in worship. Well before Paul’s teachings in the Epistles or Peter’s vision (Acts 10), this event conveys a truth of great theological significance

It is clear enough to see that the story traces the quest of these Magi to find the one who was born king of the Jews. They arrive in the palace, they receive directions, they are met by king Herod, they visit Bethlehem, and pay homage to the child.

But there is more here than a visit to a child who would be king someday. These Magi worshiped him. That was the intent of their coming. And so the narrative also reminds us that this child Jesus was far more than a future king. Only if He is divine could He be worshiped.

And this makes us aware of the primary source, God. He is not specifically mentioned, but His presence is obvious. The “star” had guided the wise men to Bethlehem. The prophecy had recorded exactly where Messiah should be born, and the dream warned them to return home a different way. Without this divine intervention they would never have come, the scribes would not have known where to send them if they had arrived, and they would certainly have fallen into Herod’s trap without the warning. The supernatural element moving in the lives of the Magi is the true cause of their actions

And this story is relived at three places in Goa, namely Cansaulim, ReisMagos and Chandor.  I feel it is most symbolic especially as I have witnessed the faith and fervor at The mount. The three young boys selected from three different villages go on horse back to the mount and after mass come down by a different route, it simply is so significant of what really took place then…

And people of all faiths come and worship.. The current pandemic situation has dampened the spirits but the fervor continues……

  by Gladys Da Silva (ward 3)