Pormoll Editorial – September 2019

Several times, we have found trust in Divine Providence to be a source of comfort to all of us in times of exigencies. It is God’s mercy that has saved us of the disastrous consequences of the recent cyclones, floods and landslides which left trails of destruction in many of our neighbouring states. Several places of our own, especially in the north and the coastal areas of Goa, have also been badly affected after the recent rain fury.

The month of August was welcomed with heavy incessant rains. It not only rained and rained, but it poured, disrupting normal life converting some areas into islands with water all around. Hundreds of people suffered as never before with all the concerned government departments and officials playing the ‘blame games’. Faulty planning and greed to make a fast buck has seen the nature’s fury in full blast. Crops and vegetation cultivated with great sacrifices, have been washed away causing huge losses. Some areas were in darkness as there was no electricity whereas snapping of water pipe line has left people without water supply for days on end. We are fortunate to be living in one of the cities which are not effected badly by the recent rain fury. We need to thank God for being so kind and protective. You might be aware, that the printing of our monthly magazine, ‘PORMOLL’, is being done at Kolhapur, as the printers’ rates are quite competitive compared to the local ones. Due to the recent floods, Kolhapur was totally submerged in water, disrupting normal life and everything was at a standstill. Printing of our August issue was in doubt shops and buildings were full of water and traffic was totally paralyzed. The state highways were closed as roads were totally washed away and no vehicles could enter Goa, thereby causing shortages of essential commodities like milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. Although our August issue of ‘Pormoll’ was printed and ready, after the initial delay, there was no transport available and we were in a hopeless condition. It was only after the partial resumption of traffic, we were able to get the copies by 15th of August. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, we were left with no choice as the situation was beyond our control. We sincerely apologize for the delay.

Let us pray for the safety and well-being of all those effected by the rains / floods and contribute in whatever way possible to alleviate their hardships.

Until we meet again.

Felix Dias (Editor )