Saint LUKE – 18th Oct

Saint Luke whose feast day we celebrate on 18th October, was one more Gospel Writer (or Evangelist), besides Mathew, Mark and John.

St. Luke was also called LUCANOS or dear and Glorious. Physician was the son of AENEAS and IRIS who were slaves of PRISCUS and ANTONIA, who were Roman aristocrats. AENEAS and IRIS were Greeks. AENEAS was managing the states of his master. Whereas as IRIS was a beautiful Greek slave girl.

PRISCUS and ANTONIA presided over the wedding of the young couple and had given them many gifts. Including the priceless gift of their freedom. So Luke was not a slave when he was born. He Studied at Alexandria which was the ultimate seat of Education at that time. He was a bright student and was well appreciated by his teachers. The teachers wanted him to study the matter of their choice. But he decided to be a doctor (Physician) mainly because he thought that GOD was a tormentor, who punished his creation without a traitor a good reason.

He had a constant conflict with GOD. But God had his own plans for Luke, and even worked miracles through him without his knowledge.

He was the only apostle who was not a Jew. He never saw CHRIST. All that is written in his eloquent but restrained Gospel, he acquired from hearing, from witnesses, from the mother of Christ, from Disciples and from Apostles.
His first visit to Israel took place almost a year after the Crucifixion. Yet he became one of the greatest of the Apostles, like St. Paul he believed that our Lord came not only for the Jews but to the Gentiles also. He had lots of difficulties with the Original apostles and the advocacy.

So the story of LUCANOS or Saint LUKE, is the story of every pilgrim, who underwent despair and life of darkness, suffering, anguish, bitterness, sorrow, doubt, cynicism.

His search for GOD and final revelations are the only meaning of life for man.

St. Luke was Mother Mary’s Troubadour. Only to Luke did Mary reveal the MAGNIFICAT which contains the noblest words in any Literature. He loved Mother Mary for her sublime sacrifice of her son to us. The Stories of Christ which are preserved in the Oldest CHURCHES of Jerusalem and Caesarea.

Rosarito Coelho
PPC Moderator