St. Sebastian Primary School

Report on school activities from end of September to October

World Literacy Day
World Literacy Day was observed on 22nd September 2018 at the school. Tr. Supriya spoke on the significance of the day. She highlighted the importance of literacy and explained why 8th September was declared international day by UNESCO. The main aim of this talk was to spread awareness on importance of education and to make a better world as it contributes towards overall growth and upliftment of the nation.

Medical Checkup
The annual medical checkup for all the students was held on 24th September 2018 at the school. Three doctors from GMC had come. A physical check-up was done and the health record was maintained of each student. The doctors remarked that the overall health of the students was good. The aim of this programme was to check overall development of the child and to keep track of immunization schedule and early detection of diseases.

Hymn Singing Competition
It was held on 29th September 2018. The students from all the Classes had participated in the competition. Students sang various hymns and made the whole atmosphere melodious. Students enjoyed the Programme.

Drawing Competition on Energy Conservation
An interschool drawing competition was held on 26th September 2018. All the students of Std IV participated. It was organised by Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. Various topics were given for the competition. This competition was mainly conducted so that students would be made to realise the importance of conservation of energy and the need to save it for the future.

Nutrition Week (22/09/18 – 3/10/18)
The Nutrition Week was observed in the school from 22nd September to 3rd October 2018. Students were served nutritious and tasty food items. One teacher was responsible for each day. Different food items were served during the week like bhel, chutney sandwich, sannas, aloo paratha, idli chutney, sweet grams, fav, chapatti bhaji, etc. Students enjoyed having different food items. The programme was observed to foster healthy eating habits among students.

Handwriting Olympiad
Handwriting Olympiad competition was held on 29th September 2018 in the school. It was organised by G. Suns Foundation to improve handwriting. All together 29 students from Std I to IV participated in the competition.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
It was celebrated on 3rd October 2018. Tr. Reema spoke on Gandhi’s life. After that the students from Std III and IV performed a skit. School notice board was beautifully decorated with the quotes of Gandhiji. The students sang a song on Gandhiji to show love and respect for the Father of the Nation. Then the administrator had an interactive session.

On the spot Drawing Competition
On the spot Drawing Competition was held on 3rd October 2018 at Loyola High School, Margao. It was organised by the Department of Forest as part of the 67th Wildlife week celebration. The topic for the competition was wildlife of Goa. Two students from Std IV participated in the competition: 1) Miss. Vaishnavi Patil 2) Miss. Shrestha Gauns DessaiThey also received a participation certificate. The programme was organised to spread awareness on wildlife of Goa.

Wildlife week celebration
It was celebrated from 5th to 8th October 2018 in the school. Various activities were organised during the week. The students from each class spoke few lines on different animals while the students of Std III and IV put up skits. Chart making competition was also held on wildlife. This week was celebrated to create awareness about conservation and importance of wild life.
Solo Singing Competition It was held on 8th October 2018. The participants from grade 1 to grade 4 put forth their enthralling performance. The competition was judged by Mrs. Celina Menezes (administrator) and Tr. Valinca Fernandes. The competitors sang a variety of pop songs. All of them did their level best. Students enjoyed the programme.

World Post Day
World Post day was observed on 9th October 2018. Tr. Marina spoke on the significance of the day. She also touched on the development of postal service from earlier days, types of envelopes, stamps, pin code, etc. She also showed a video on the role of the postman at the sorting department and the delivery system. The talk was organised to spread the importance of post and to appreciate the services rendered by the postman battling all types of weather conditions, distance and difficulties to ensure that the letters, parcels are delivered at the earliest.
Talk on Rabies A talk on ‘Rabies’ by Mission Rabies was organised for the primary students on 10th October 2018. Miss. Joan Fernandes, a volunteer of mission Rabies spoke to the students about the meaning, symptoms and preventive measures of rabies. She also demonstrated what to do when a dog comes chasing someone. The programme was organised as a drive towards elimination of rabies.

Solo dancing Competition
It was held on 12th October 2018 in the school. The competition started with great enthusiasm. Students hands, feet and bodies dressed in colourful costumes, twirled, flipped and jumped on the stage of the school displaying their talents. Different kinds of dance forms were performed by the pupils. The efforts put by all the participants were highly complimented by the judges.

One Minute Talk
One Minute Talk competition was organised for the students I to IV. The students from Std I were competing with students of Std II and students of Std III were competing with students of Std IV. Students spoke on various topics like “If I were a butterfly”, “Clouds”, “pollution” etc. They all spoke emphatically on the topic. They were judged based on their expression, pronunciation, voice modulation, actions and matter. The competition was arranged to check students, speaking skills, command over language, pronunciation and poise.

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