‘TEACHER’- An Enriching Profession

“A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
‘Teacher’s Day’ has traditionally been observed in India on September 5 as a tribute (on his birth anniversary) to the late President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who besides being a great educationist and philosopher, also believed that education is the key to India’s inclusive development. On this same day the church remembers Mother Teresa-‘Saint of the Gutters’.

As a young nun in the Loretto Convent, Mother Teresa was trained to be a teacher. She embraced this profession with great love and dedication. This was evident in the many years she taught in the St. Mary’s Bengali Medium School for girls in Kolkata. When she left the Loretto Sisters in 1948 to found the Missionaries of Charity, she never stopped being a teacher! She was convinced that the poor children of the slums in Calcutta (her new home) had to be taught the 3Rs (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) but more than that, she realized that education had to be inclusive and value-based.

For Mother Teresa, Jesus was the Master Teacher; and she did all she could to communicate HIS values to those around her. Over the years Mother Teresa became the embodiment of many values but high among them were the values of Jesus: Compassion, Courage and Commitment.
Let’s see some of the enriching experiences of our teachers who are consuming themselves to light up the way of their students:

My journey as a teacher has just begun, but the seed of teaching was sowed when I became a catechist. After few years of experience I knew that this is my calling. A call to mould and nurture young minds. A vocation to educate not just the minds but also the hearts of children under my care.
– Tr. Mieka Ferrao

My journey as a Teacher has been fruitful and satisfying. Every day I come with a mindset of changing lives of young minds and at the end of the day I receive job satisfaction through my experiences with my wonderful students. The job of a teacher is to teach, mentor, guide and be a role model but in my case my students help teach me all my strengths. I love my job and look forward to contribute to nurturing the future generation in my own little way.
– Tr. Maria Vanessa Da Costa

My journey as a teacher comes from good start. Encountering various types of students has been a challenge of interest to me always. With learning my students have thought me various things which indeed have helped me to channel my teaching method. Achieving some early goals (cent percent results in social science 10th Std for consecutive years) boosts my confidence and dedication in teaching even more. I abide by my philosophy of creating a healthy and creative bond with my students for better learning.
-Sir. Armando Adriano Gomes

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions”. What more can I say about this amazing journey!. That’s an incredible one. I just love the fact that I can mould young minds. In return the love bestowed by students is the biggest treasure for a life time.
-Sir. Neville Fernandes

My journey as a teacher is a beautiful one, where my students and I share a very comfortable relationship. My classroom is not only academics, sports and extracurricular activities but I believe in training the young minds how to overcome the innumerable challenges in life and I am sure they will not only excel in their career but they will definitely excel in their life and also pass on the Christian values to every person they meet in their journey too.
-Tr. Philoo Pereira e Cardozo

A teacher- a guide, a philosopher, a mentor and indeed a second parent, all these roles not just groomed me but made me more compassionate than I could ever imagine. A vocation that not only blessed me with loved ones but with an extended family so dear. Those early morning smiles to cheerful faces in every class and loving embrace of words so dear- what more could a teacher even ask for. I’m blessed beyond words.
– Tr. Rhea U Bangalorkar