“I am healed in the name of Jesus… He is a miracle worker”

On 20th May 2006, I was operated for solitary thyroid nodule in Goa and the sample was sent for biopsy. The test report came as cancer of thyroid (malignant). I was thus advised to operate the other side of the neck to remove the second nodule.

For the second operation, it was suggested by another doctor that I go to either Manipal or Bombay. I chose to go to Manipal as I was asked to operate within a month from the first operation. There I was told that I might lose my vocal cord as the wound was raw (not healed.) But my Jesus was there with me and my operation was successful. The doctor had given hope and I was under medication.

In July 2019, I had gone for a checkup. The doctor suspected cancer of the uterus since I had history of cancer (thyroid). The sample was sent for biopsy and the test report was negative.

Eight days after the report, I felt a lump in my breast. So, I consulted a cancer surgeon (Dr. Jean Menezes). He sent the sample for biopsy and to his surprise it was negative. My God is great and highly to be praised.

I thank Jesus for healing all my diseases. I want to glorify His name!

During the whole year of pandemic, neither did I consult any doctor nor went for any tests. I am fit and fine. I am sixty years old. I thank God for His mercy and compassion towards me, a sinner. My Jesus healed me and took all my sicknesses on Him.

Mrs. Ivete Silveira

(Development officer – LIC Goa)

Ward 10