The Girl Who Resented Rain

Duh! Realizing that monsoons are approaching would really annoy me. Yes you read it right. I hate the rains. This was my thought a few days ago, but not anymore. You may call it my unearthing moment. The lush greenery all around, the pitter-patter of rain drops, the fragrance of soil, the rain drops hitting the tree leaves, the faded sunlight peeking through the dark clouds, actually looks breathtaking! It so happened that I found myself walking along the lake while it was pouring from up above. I heard the frogs, I saw the weeds along the shore, algae and moss thriving with life, the rain creating tiny ripples in the water, the insects and birds bathing in glory.. Yes it was my instance of truth, I was a believer filled with awe. I had fallen for the rain.
We the so called “humans” are fortunate to be close to the nature; or should I say less fortunate? Reality check! We city dwellers are evidently oblivious to the fact that rain is the giver of life. Ask a farmer how eagerly he waits for the arrival of monsoon; ask a resident of a drought prone area how exhilarating it is to see that overcast sky or a desert habitant how those showers transform their mere existence.
We have wandered off our duty to nurture the nature. We being the tenants of the Earth have ripped it off its glory. The damage has been done. The monsoon is slowing down its pace and intensity. However, it’s not too late. We can still make a difference and restore the ecological balance and mend the man-nature relationship.
Let’s give nature a chance to survive!!!
Ashodi Ferro