Editorial – Jan 2021

The old year has gone with the wind and the New Year 2021 has taken possession of the clock of time. A new year is God’s gift to us, so let us all enjoy the faithful blessings He so delights in giving. May God be with you through the New Year and fill your life with comfort, love and cheer.

We are in the festive season of joy, peace and laughter. Understandably due to the prevailing conditions of COVID -19, all over the world, the celebrations and merry making are on a smaller scale. With so much of unemployment and loss of jobs, people are unable to handle the economic demands of their daily lives. In these difficult times, we need to count our blessings from God, one by one. We are alive today to see the New Year, whereas many have not been fortunate enough and have left for their heavenly abode. Our health and finances are much better compared to those of our brothers and sisters, some of whom are struggling to have a square meal a day. We are blessed with a roof on our head whereas so many homeless are lying on the streets in biting cold and scorching sunlight. The list is endless but we fail to acknowledge these God sent blessings and wait for occasions to grumble and complain. There are so many good and positive things happening in your lives and those of your families so don’t let a few difficult times make you forget your blessings from above. Whilst thanking God, let us uproot the unwanted things in our lives and sow good deeds. Truly “what goes around comes around’. Do truly some good and surely good will follow you. Let this be our main resolution for this year.

As you are aware, our beloved magazine, ‘PORMOLL’ has completed 21 years, and we have received many complimentary messages on this happy occasion. The Editorial Board acknowledges with thanks, all these greetings from you all, specially our Ex-Vicar, Fr. James Torres è Silva, Fr. Neville Gracias and Sr. Faria Barretto. A big THANK YOU!

Our next issue of February 2021 will be a special Issue containing greetings and advertisements, on the occasion of the feast of our Patron, St. Sebastian. We seek your support and co-operation for the same.

Once again, I wish you a bright and prosperous New Year 2021, May the year ahead see us all free from the fear of the virus, enabling us to lead our normal lives as before. Wish you all success and happiness.

Until we meet again.

Felix Dias