Editorial – July 2021

We are pleased to bring out the July issue of Pormoll but on the PDF format, as was the case for the month of June. We have received accolades for deciding to go paperless which in effect has led to a contactless distribution as well. But I am sure many of you might have divergent views and would prefer to have a hard copy as hitherto. You may be aware that our magazine was being printed outside Goa as their cost of printing was much less compared to the rates quoted locally. The entire process saw the involvement of lot of outside people towards printing and the final delivery of our copies. With the Covid virus showing no signs of receding and the Curfew / Lockdown in force, we had literally no choice but to discontinue with the hard copy. We also had concern for our Parish Council Members, who went about, house to house, distributing the monthly copy. We gratefully, acknowledge and appreciate this selfless service rendered by them. I may add, that even our monthly meetings are held virtually on Google Meet. Another parishioner also had an issue with storing the old copies of Pormoll. We would be happy to have more responses and suggestions in this regard.
Our Editorial Board members, have shouldered the responsibility of bringing to you these issues of Pormoll on the PDF format on time. I am very grateful to them.

As I write, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 is on the decline and so is the case with the number of deaths due to the virus. This is a healthy and good sign. But please do not be complacent. Exercise caution and continue to be vigilant and alert. Observe the SOPs, stay home, stay safe.
Until we meet again.

Felix Dias