Editorial – May 2021

With a thankful heart, we could all have a better Easter this year unlike last year when we couldn’t even get out of our houses. Things have changed for the better as the much awaited vaccine is out and the SOP’s are being implemented. But in spite of all this, the second wave has arrived and it is not something that can be taken lightly. Apparently we have been taken aback as we all had that relaxed feeling that everything was clear. We were sort of cautiously optimistic about the end of the pandemic in view of increasing vaccine availability and decreasing numbers of infected cases after the peak in January. We were made to believe that the virus dies off in hot weather conditions, but that has not been the case for us in these hot summer months.  Cases and case positivity has begun to increase again, whether due to variants, pandemic fatigue or both, it’s anybody’s guess. This definitely throws up a question whether the end was as near as we all gleefully thought. Amidst happiness and relief that people that people are feeling, there is also confusion and fear. Some people are wary of stepping out of their homes and there are others who are eager to throw up a party.  Expectedly a mixed bag of emotions after a year of this dreaded pandemic. Since March 2020, when the World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic, daily uncertainty and contradictory information has been the norm.

First, no masks were needed. Then we were asked to wear a mask. There were contradictory statements even regarding the medicines that were prescribed. We were afraid to touch packages and surfaces only to be advised that surfaces were not as dangerous as we previously thought. Different policies are being followed by each State especially as far as lockdowns and shutdowns, confusing the people. It appears this second wave is a ‘novel’ coronavirus, or SARs-Cov 2.  This virus is new and many of its characteristics are unknown.

In the given circumstances, it will be prudent on our part to exercise caution and be alert at all times. Observe all the SOP’s, stay healthy stay safe. May God protect us and our families. Until we meet again.

Felix Dias