Editorial – May 2024

God has given each one of us a beautiful body, unique in look, shape, colour and size. Many a times we fail to acknowledge and thank the Almighty for this lovely gift. All of us have two legs and two hands. Similarly our body comes with two eyes and two ears, each having to perform different functions in our day to day lives. There is an age old saying that a blind person begs for only one eye and a deaf person begs for only one ear. They humbly expect that they should get at least half of their natural right of having two eyes and two ears per person. It is quite natural that someone with both legs missing, wishes that he gets at least one. Do we ever pause to realise how fortunate we all are? On the contrary, we always tend to grumble and complain at the slightest opportunity to do so. Eyes and ears are organs of gaining knowledge. The Almighty God might have wished that we see more and listen more and achieve the success we all long for. God has also given us other organs in pairs like two lungs and two kidneys but surprisingly only one tongue. As a matter of fact, there might be a wise reason behind this divine plan, commanding us to talk less. It appears we have each two eyes and two ears but only one tongue so that we can see and listen twice as much as we talk. Besides Our Lord has put a limit on the right to talk of this boneless organ by assigning it additional tasks of tasting and swallowing. We would all agree that when we speak, our words have immense value and importance. Therefore it is imperative that our words should be uttered with due caution and responsibility. They are like arrows from the bows and are irreversible. Words spoken can become causes of conflicts, fights and misunderstandings. On the contrary, nice and kind words can have a positive impact on those around us. Speaking ill of others, specially those who cannot defend themselves, is truly unjust and unkind.

Shortly we will be celebrating the Trezen/Feast of St. Anthony, who was a powerful preacher. Through his sermons, he strengthened the faithful, invited sinners to repent and brought the wandering back to the truth. Every word he spoke was for the glory of God. When his body was exhumed thirty years after his death, it was seen that it had turned to dust, but the tongue glistened and looked as if it was still part of a live body. That truly was a sign of his gift of preaching the word of God.

Let us try to be above egotism. If you can’t say good and encouraging things about others, say nothing, because remember silence is golden. Always confirm the veracity of your statement before you speak about others. Words are powerful, they can create or they can very well destroy – so choose your words wisely. Speak life into others as well as yourself and you can achieve the impossible. Our words have so much power, that we don’t even realise it. They have the ability to transform your life and that of others as well. Be impeccable with your word’. Mean what you say and always speak with true intentions.!!!

Bye for now. Take care and stay safe..!

Until we meet again,

Felix Dias