Editorial – Oct 2021

In the recent times we have seen the upsurge in violent crimes and vandalism the world over. Along with other countries our India too is witnessing so many criminal activities and the victims are finding it difficult to get justice. In this respect our Goa too is not lagging behind, especially when our women are concerned. In the recent past, so many cases of murder, rape, molestation, chain-snatching have been reported. It’s a different matter, when actually; some instances are never reported for fear of social stigma or shame. Every other day social media and newspaper headlines scream about some crime or the other being committed on the fairer sex. Many a times the culprit is arrested and investigation goes on. But very soon the pace slackens, bail is granted and the victim’s hope for justice just lingers on and on. If we notice the crime rate, it is clear that it has seen a steep rise more so with the onset of the pandemic, which has caused a lot of job-loss and unemployment. Presumably, frustration and lack of finances is taking its toll. All this is creating problems and in the bargain Goa’s image as a safe and peaceful place, is getting tarnished. In fact, the Goa State Commission for Women has expressed its concern to see this trend of various types of cases of violence against women. The Commission reported that approximately around 15 to 20 cases are registered with them every single month. These are alarming figures, to say the least.

We celebrate 2nd October as Gandhi Jayanti. The day our Father of the Nation was born. For Gandhiji the key-word was non-violence and we all know that he succeeded in getting Independence for India with only non-violent means. It appears that we are taking the opposite path of violence which would hurt the sentiments of Gandhiji. Gandhi Jayanti is also celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence all over the world, in order to spread Mahatma’s philosophy and teachings of non-violence and peace all over the world. But in reality we find that it’s like a case of water on ducks back. These celebrations will have no meaning if we do not adhere to the principles of non-violence in its true sense. Every individual has a role to play in this gigantic task-common man, religious and political leaders, politicians, rulers. A non-violent world with peace all-around is what every person dreams of. Let us all hope and pray that this dream becomes a reality.
Until we meet again.

Felix Dias