Editorial – Sep 2022

The world remembered Mother Teresa on 26th August,being the 112th Birth Anniversary of the greatest humanitarian of all times.
We have all read and heard several Mother Teresa quotes that inspire Love,Faith and Hope.One amongst them which should touch our hearts is:’If you can’t feed a hundred people,then feed just one’.Saint Teresa of Kolkata,as she was called after her canonization in 2016,showed the world how to love and serve the less fortunate ones around us.Although she was small and diminutive in size and stature,she more than made up for it in her zeal and dedication to the people she loved and helped.More often than not, she cared for those who were seen as outcasts and marginalised by their communities.Incidentally,when she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, the entire cash prize was donated to the poor in India.We see so much of suffering around us due to poverty.People unable to make both ends meet, struggle day in and day out.Children and the elderly,going to bed on empty stomachs,as even having one square meal a day is a luxury for them.Very often we feel,”I am just a small, insignificant, powerless person.What can I do to change the situation for the better?” Well, together we can work wonders as together we are a power,an undefeatable power.A drop of water cannot be a river but a river is formed by numerous water drops.It is the joining together of countless drops that creates a flow and the real flow of our lives lies in unity,in the oneness that arises only out of Love.
Fortunately,in the recent abnormal situation created by the dreaded disease, Coronavirus, people have suddenly become aware of their hidden power and also their responsibility towards the needy. Let’s all of us strive to take Mother Teresa’s advice and lend a helping hand to those in need.Remember that, there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.God loves a cheerful giver and remember, whoever sows bountifully,will also reap bountifully.Even a small sacrifice to help, will be handsomely rewarded.!!!
Until we meet again

Felix Dias