Lets Hit the Target Right

My heart is filled with gratitude for the Almighty, as I step into yet another new year welcoming it with joy, happiness and new hope.
New year – New resolutions, every year we set new resolutions/goals, start them on a high note and suddenly they fizzle out, only to realize at the end of the year that you haven’t achieved anything. This year shouldn’t be the same. If you haven’t decided on any goal to achieve then decide now, for I will give you a few tips that will help you “hit the target right”.·

  • Decide what you want to achieve: The first rule of any goal achievement is to be clear at what your goal is. Most of the time we choose our goal with ambiguity. It is very necessary to be specific at what you need to achieve. For e.g If you want to get a good job. You need to be specific in what respect should your job be good, like workplace, salary, designation, company etc. Say you need a new job with a better salary then you got to define what the new salary is. Best would be to write it down for e.g. rupees 50,000/- a month.
  • Remember your goal every day: Once you have the goal set, you remind yourself about the goal every single day. The reminder should not be like self burden, but a motivation. Best suggestion would be to write/print it and place it where you can see it every day.
  • Do it in small steps: As the saying goes “Dream big, start small”, The Japanese Kaizen – the one minute rule tells us that anything we need to do new, we need to train our self for it. If we start it small it’s easy, best would be to do it first for a minute, allotting one minute daily at the same time for the same activity is practically very easy. Over the period of time you will get accustomed to the task and you can then increase the allotted time for the activity. For example if you intend to learn playing the guitar in your busy schedule, start with one minute daily at the same time. It will soon be a routine and you will be able to allot more time to it later. It takes about 21 days to make a new routine a habit.
  • Crawl if you can’t run: Some days may be tough. You may think of quitting or procrastinating, but instead force yourself to do a little rather than doing nothing. If you would practice playing the guitar every day for about one hour and it’s not possible on a given day, then don’t stop, play it at least for 15 minutes. “Procrastination is the mother of all mismanagement”.
  • Set realistic milestones: Milestones are an important aspect of goal setting; they help to judge the progress. So set some realistic milestones so that you can judge your own progress.
  • Be disciplined: Just like the body builders, who work out in the gym for may be two hrs a day but the rest of the twenty-two hours a day they are disciplined to maintain the body. Maintain the discipline of your routine and remember that time is very important. You need to sacrifice your time and do what you need to achieve your goal. Just thinking of the goal and being positive about it won’t help.
  • Don’t get distracted: There are plenty of distractions to hinder your achievements. A simple example would be; you pick the phone to call a friend but you see some messages and start replying to the messages. In the bargain you forget to call your friend. That’s a distraction. First be focused to do the needed task and then complete the rest of the work.
  • Learn to say NO:  We like to please every person who comes with a request. Remember that when you say YES to some task, you will have to say NO to some other task. Instead of saying yes to something that will hinder your achievement, you need to learn saying NO to others sometimes. How the other person reacts after your negative response should not be you’re botheration. I may sound a little rude but that’s how you will achieve your goal on time. If you don’t focus on your goal then people will use you to achieve their goals.
  • Celebrate your achievement: As you achieve a different milestone celebrate it responsibly. Research shows that you are more likely to reach your goal if you reward yourself for that habit change along the way.
  • Be prepared with plan B, Believe in yourself and have faith in God: If life takes a U turn and gets in your way, you should be prepared with a plan B, so that when the situation arises you can easily choose plan B. Overall whatever happens, Believe in yourself, do what is right and God will bless you with success.

Wishing all of you an amazing year 2022 with full of achievements!!

Neville Fernandes