Gonvlleacho Sondex – September 2019

Apovnnem tin (3) bhaxen asunk zata, Kazari jivitak, ankvari jivitak ani dhormik jivitak. 99 % lok fattim-fuddem polloinastanam kazar zata. Thoim legun kazari jivitak apovnnem asunk zai. Ek boro avoi/bapui vo boro ghov/bail zaunk ek dennem Devachem. Dusre bhaxechem apovnnem mhollear atam-atam zaitim zannam sodun ghetat tem mhollear ankvari jivit sarchem. Haka novoch nett mell’la, karann zaitim zannam, odik korun cheddvam sirvis kortat ani tim konnacher poddun nant. Tisre baxechem apovnnem mhollear adinch thaun asa ani tem mhollear dhormik apovnnem. Hanga gozal kortat ti fokot dhormik jivitachea apovnneachi. Haka chodd korun ami apurbaien “Dev apovnnim” mhonntanv. Konnui eklo cheddo, padri vo cheddum, madr zaunk ieujita. Tankam aplem apovnnem sodun kaddunk favo to adhar diunk zaiteo suvato asat. Read more

Pormoll Editorial – September 2019

Several times, we have found trust in Divine Providence to be a source of comfort to all of us in times of exigencies. It is God’s mercy that has saved us of the disastrous consequences of the recent cyclones, floods and landslides which left trails of destruction in many of our neighbouring states. Several places of our own, especially in the north and the coastal areas of Goa, have also been badly affected after the recent rain fury.

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Every Sinner Has a Future

On 21st September, the Church celebrates the feast of St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist. His life is an example and a beautiful reminder of the words of Oscar Wilde: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” Meeting Jesus was the best thing that happened in his life. After his first encounter with Jesus, Matthew was not the same man anymore. He undergoes a total transformation in his life: from being despised to being loved; from being corrupt to being just; from being a traitor to being a faithful follower; from selfishness to selflessness; from being a sinner to being a saint. Read more

Mama Mary a Blessing to us

We celebrate the birthdays of great leaders, sometimes even after their death. On such occasions we remember their origin, their person, and with reverence express our gratitude for the work they have done for the country and for mankind. The thought that such zealous and great men existed or exist, evokes in us, a sense of pride and hope. Similarly, we rejoice on the birthdays of our family members, relatives and friends. By offering them birthday gifts and greetings we wish them well and express our gratitude for the love and fellowship which we have experienced through them. Read more

St. Theresa of Kolkata

Any mention of Mother Teresa always brings to mind the untiring services she rendered to the poor, the needy, the destitute, the down-trodden of Kolkata. She was awarded the Nobel Peace prize but people still remember her more for her noble services. She received worldly acclaim for the Nobel Peace Prize, which many would have soon forgotten; but for her noble services to the poor and needy, she received heartfelt and last gratitude from the persons who mattered to her. Someone once asked Mother Teresa what she did when she was in Kolkata. She said “Every day I see Jesus Christ in all His distressing disguises”. Read more


Securing the future is on everyone’s mind today. We plan and save and invest in order to meet the rising expenses and future life events. But aren’t we stressing ourselves too much today to make our tomorrow better? Many would say, yes!
Financial stress is the major cause of unhappiness among adults in our country. Most of us find ourselves sticking to jobs we don’t love, just to pay the bills. What if you wake up tomorrow and don’t have to work for a living! You can play a musical instrument instead of punching numbers, or teach poor children instead of writing codes – whatever your heart pleases!
Remember how Kevin and Stacy found their calling in life, and Shawn geared up to building a financially independent future (stories in the previous editions)? They all committed to creating an additional, passive source of income! Read more

Our Lady of DOLOURSOur Lady of DOLOURS

The Feast of Our Lady of Dolours is commemorated on 15th September. You may wonder as to why this day is earmarked. It should have found its place in Lenten season as Mother Mary suffered most during this period. But the Church has set aside 15th September, as this day, and we recollect the pain and suffering that Mother Mary went through in her life, after her conception of baby Jesus or rather said “yes” to the will of God.  Read more

Aspirants for Righteous Living

Does God expect us to unite as per the title given above, to be motivated and to live righteously, so that:
1) Our prayers are powerful and effective
2) Experience personally the kingdom of heaven (i.e., peace, joy —) here and now and Eternal Blissful life hereafter.
3) Members of the family, Society, our state of Goa, our country India and
finally the whole world stand to gain. Few quotes from the Bible are:
a) The prayer of the Righteous is powerful and effective. James 5:16.
b) Prayers of a Righteous person God listens. 1 Peter 3: 12.
c) The way of the Righteous is level; Just One, You make smooth, the path of the righteous. Isaiah 26: 7.Also, please refer, Amos 5: 24.
Let us examine the Instruction given by St. James (5: 16) Read more

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus comprises of a group of metabolic disorders that share the common feature of hyperglycemia (increased sugar level in blood) Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is currently classified on the basis of the pathogenic process that leads to hyperglycemia. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by insulin deficiency and a tendency to develop ketosis (which includes nausea, vomiting, polyuria, thirst, abdominal pain, altered mental functions or frank coma.), whereas Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2DM) is a group of disorders characterized by variable degrees of insulin resistance, impaired insulin secretion and excessive production of glucose in liver. Type I Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1DM) results from autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin. It is also known as juvenile- onset diabetes because of its peak prevalence in children and adolescents. Read more


“One cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. WHY? Because these two sacred persons, GOD and MOTHER, partners in creation, love, sacrifice and services are as one.” – Thomas S. Monson
For women, the greatest gift and blessing in life is being a ‘Mother’. It is a great responsibility, a challenge she accepts. Carrying a child in her womb for nine months is a beautiful experience with moments of joy and pain. Only mothers are fortunate enough to cherish these moments. Read more