Benefits of Walking

Is it possible to walk your way to fitness? Sure it is – provided you walk daily, consistently and with proper technique.

Morning walk is better than evening walk, because the immediate benefits continue through the day and you get a load of vitamin D from the morning sun.

Regular, brisk walking has many benefits.

  1. It maintains healthy weight.
  2. Decreases stress levels.
  3. Improves mood.
  4. Decreases risk of Cardiovascular disease and type2 diabetes.
  5. Improves cerebellar functions like balance and co-ordination.
  6. Strengthens the bones, joints and muscles – especially of the lower body.
  7. Decreases Osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.
  8. Decreases risk of cerebrovascular disease like stroke.
  9. Decreases risk of dementia like Alzheimer disease.
  10. Walking can also improve immunity and cognitive function of the brain.

Technique of walking includes warm up, walk, cool down, and stretch.

Also chin up, looking forward. Upper body relaxed. Arms swinging lightly to maintain balance, with elbows at 90 degree angle. Core muscles are engaged and back is straight. Walk is smooth  – no over striding, heel to toe rolling of the feet.

My advice to those who go for ‘Walks’ – please continue to do so and remain healthy and to those, who haven’t started as yet – well it’s never too late – get started right away and feel the difference.

Pritiva Silva Lobo