Editorial – Oct 2018

We all know that being socially aware means that you understand how you react to different social situations and effectively modify your interactions with other people, so that you achieve the best results. According to Karl Marx, human beings enter into certain productive or economic relations which lead to a form of social consciousness. Social awareness gives us the ability to understand and respond to others’ needs. By doing so, we improve our social skills and gain the respect of others. To achieve this, basically, we need to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Someone who is desperate and in need of help. Empathy helps us understand someone else’s perspective. In a nutshell, social awareness is defined as being aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis. Read more

School Report

St. Sebastian English Primary school PRIMARY SCHOOL activity report  End of August to Mid-September

Goa Quiz Goa Quiz Goa Quiz Competition was held on 27th August 2018. The students of Std. I – IV participated in this competition. The main aim of this competition was to acquire knowledge about Goa i.e. culture, tradition, places of heritage etc. There was enthusiastic participation by the students. Read more

Mahatma Gandhi

We remember people not only for what they have done for themselves but far more for what they have contributed to society at large. Their selfless dedication to the service of humanity makes them live on forever in our minds. One of them was Mahatma Gandhi, who spent his life sharing and spreading the message of love, peace and joy.
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Why did God give us commandments?

All of us know that every instrument/ machine that we purchase comes with an instruction Manual/Catalogue which is provided by the person/ company that made it. While operating that instrument/ machine (e.g. a washing machine or a vehicle), we strictly follow the instructions given in the manual without any omission, deviation or dilution.
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Our lady of Rosary

The month of October is a month dedicated as mount of Rosary. Wherein the church emphasis to the devotion of reciting the Holy Rosary. Every home should say the Rosary, and we will be blessed and protected by our Mother Mary.
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The role of Youth in the society

“Which one of you is Malala?” asked the gunman and the bullet travelled 18 inches from the side of her left eye, down the neck landing into her shoulder. The rest is history. She now says “Nothing changed my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage were born.” The UN Secretary then pronounced “12th July” as Malala Day” in honour of the young leader, Malala Yousafzai (Her birthday). Ignited in spirit, Malala was instrumental in creating global awareness of “Importance of educating the girl child”. She gave a vision to the society and the world at large to educate the girl child and hopes to aspire higher in life.

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After the normal rainfall in the months of July and August we are looking forward to the cool and dry months of September onwards.

After having begun their classes in June the students are looking forward to the coming festival holidays.

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End of the Journey

It is with a deep sense of sorrow and regret that I have to write on a subject which all of us dread -DEATH – the sudden and unexpected news about the passing away of our Editor Prof. Synesio Alfred Antao, shocked us all. It was on the early morning of Thursday 16th August 2018, when he answered the Lords call and breathed his last.

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Re-Constitution of Parish Pastoral Council

Gonvllik Firgoz Sobhecho Mhozo Onnbhov
Gonvllik firgoz sobha zaun asa ek pul firgozkaram ani firgojent vavurtolea yadnikam sovem. Amchea somudayanim amchea sonvstha-nim jem kitem ghoddta tem somuday-eche fuddari vo sonvsthecho protinidi gonvllik firgoz sobhechea zomatik firgoz gonvlliank kolloita ani gonvllianchio firgoje pasot kitem yevzonneo asat teo somudayechea fuddariam vorvim firgojkarank pavoita. Gonvllik firgoz sobha nem’kaide korina, te ek ‘consultative body’ suchna korta. Nem kaide firgoz sobhecheo borio suchna gheun Firgoz Gonvlli kortat ani te pallunk Gonvllik Firgoz Sobheche vangddi adar ditat.

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Random thoughts

23 years ago Serendipity led me to the Nobel profession of teaching. Soon after I did my post-graduation in English, I got a call to substitute a professor for a few months. The immense love and respect led me to take up teaching as a career. Today, I teach at Govt. Polytechnic Curchorem. To students pursuing their education in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic engineering and computer Engineering.

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